Birth of a Planet-Planet RTW!! Part 3

Now let me start narrating the 3rd Part of RTW’s birth. Last part ended with RTW’s Database System crashing the second time and my trip to Mumbai in 2008.

I started writing this blogpost before Diwali but left it midway due to my Mumbai Trip. Here I begin:

The Birth of a Planet-Planet RTW!!! Part 3

Hello Everybody,
Hope you all are having a great time in the festive season. It’s Diwali time and all might be happy meeting their friends, relatives, having sweets, preparing dishes, decorating the house. Its indeed the best part of the year. Before, I start boring you all with the 3rd Part of RTW’s making, let me take the opportunity to thank you all for such kind comments on the previous two parts of the same. One thing that I would humbly like to inform you all is that, the information which I share about RTW’s making is my perspective towards the event. But the kind of situations and ordeals I had faced when RTW crashed, the same situations and ordeals were faced and tackled successfully by RTW’s entire DEV TEAM. So like, if RTW is standing erect and successful in front of you all, its not just because of me but its because of entire RTW DEV TEAM.
Now let me start narrating the 3rd Part of RTW’s birth. Last part ended with RTW’s Database System crashing the second time and my trip to Mumbai in 2008. I had already reached Mumbai. There wasn’t much I could do from there to better the mess. I had limited computer and net access at Naana-naani’s place. Mamu had got a Dial Up connection, which wasnt much of help. The only thing I could do at that moment of time is prevent a bigger lot of people seeing RTW in this horrible mess by redirecting them to RTW’s homepage. I didn’t wasting anytime in useless pondering, I immediately changed the link to forum and redirected it to RTW’s homepage. To avoid confusions and speculations, I added a line over the homepage-“Forum is under maintenance. We will be back soon”. I was completely devastated. Rajat Tokas’ Official Fansite had crashed twice in just one week of its making. I as the webmaster held the responsibility to the issue. I had no answer no solution for anything.
Two days passed in such THINKING THINKING. Finally I came to the decision of making a Temporary Blog for Rajat over RTW. I wasted no time in executing it. I didn’t have much of Net Access in Mumbai, therefore I thought of passing the hat to somebody else. At the point of time, I couldn’t think of any person better than my friend Sukun to do the technical job. I guided him over the phone on the Hindu New Year evening, gave him the Cpanel details and told him to install b2Evolution(A Blogging Sytem). Call lasted for some 30 minutes, thanks to Mom-Dad who hammered me to go with more cell phone balance in Mumbai. Finally after much ado, the blog was installed over RTW. Installing the blog costed me Rs.100 of cell balance and a painstaking phone conversation to Sukun. The Next day morning, I checked if the blog was properly installed and yes it was. I sent a mail to Priti to customize the blog and make it ready for Rajat to post. I couldnt do much at the blog as I was supposed to go at Masi’s place. Whole day I was there chat-chittering with my cousin, met Priyanshi that evening for the first time at Barista. At night, I finalized the blog deal with Priti, she had made the whole blog ready, it was ready for launch and Rajat’s presence.
It was 30th October 2008 then, I took my time in checking over the URLs and setting of the blog. The next day 31st had something else destined for itself. I had decided I would finalize the blog with Rajat and launch it at night. That evening, I had gone to Vile Parle McDonalds(first McDonalds of my life, with which I am emotionally attached. I make a point to visit it, every time I visit Mumbai), met Priyanshi the second time there. While I was returning home with Parents and Sis, I got a call from Rajat. I remember I was walking past N.M. Mithibai College Road.. Rajat was like “Yaar, fans ko Diwali New Year wish karna hai, but forum chal nahi rahi yaar.” I replied”The forum is screwed up, DB has crashed and its not up. But not to worry, I have made a BLOG, just get yourself there start typing and I wil make sure it reaches your fans” He was like “BLOG?? Nahi yaar I dont write much. BLOG WOG nahi chaiye. Aur koi website de na”. I was pissed off. Man hi man mein I thought saala itna mehnat karke blog banaye par isko to chahiye nahi kya kare.
No sooner did this thought wrap up, my another website” Rocking Rajat”‘s name sparked in my mind. Rocking Rajat in those days, was the most organized and decently active after Rajatrocks Yahoo Group, All thanks to Priti for that.. At that instance, it was the best option where I could shift people and Rajat. I told rajat about it, and he was like “Haan, udhar jaata hu, idhar hi sabko wish kar lunga”. I was so relieved. I passed on the message to Priti and Wagma to request people shift over Rocking Rajat. They spread the word over the net and faithful users managed to shift there without much of quibble(really sweet R’ains). Rajat too suprisingly registered and posted over Rocking Rajat the same night. I was like WOW !!! What could be better than this in such a horrible situation. My heart beats normaled. I was relieved by the fact that things were atleast some better than before.
At that time, Rajat was offered a Stage Show. The Show Organizers needed RTW for promotion purposes. For that stuff, the organizers wanted to have a meeting with Me and Rajat togather. The meeting was scheduled on November 2,2008 at Inorbi Mall, Mumbai. I was happy of the fact that I was meeting rajat so soon again. I had just met him on Oct 2nd and again I was gonna meet him on November 2nd. We all met on 2nd November, show was planned. The show organizers considered RTW a vital medium for show promotion, and I knew they would want to visit RTW in RT’s and my presence. That is what I feared, but there escapism was no solution. One of the show organizers pulled his MacBook out of the laptop bag and started Mozilla. The moment he visited RTW, he clicked on Forum and he saw it crashed. He made a surpirsing gesture of question mark over the issue. I honestly said, its down now and it will be up in the coming days. Rajat supported and the organizers were convinced. Again a miracle!! We also discussed about Rajat’s posts on RTW about the show. And Rajat took out the matter which happened on the night of Launch Date Oct 19th. He was like “Malum hai yeh bhai sahab ne kya kiya. Ek to main site par gaya sabse milne. Shoutbox accha laga to udhar kud pada, par dusre din ko to yeh sahab ne ban kar dala. Bolo” All bursted out laughing. Not our fault, as he himself narrated it in a funny manner. The meeting ended in positive conclusion about RTW and the show. Rajat surprisingly left from the Mall in Auto rickshaw and people gazed at him in an AWW. Hehe. I know surprising, but this is how RT is- Simple and Down to Earth.
It was time to return from Mumbai, November 4th it was.The very next day I had a conference with Wagma and Priti to decide the plan of action ahead. Priti was like”Anish hume abhi koi jaldi nahi, sab yahin hai. Let’s not make a mockery of ourselves again. Let’s do something concrete, Bhale time lage, but accha kare”. I was convinced. We started researching over different Forum System of which SMF and PHPBB were shortlisted. I thought lets try a hand over both, whichever turns out to be better, shall be kept as final and other be trashed. Priti said why waste time and energy, lets try only one at a time. And hence, we decided to go with SMF. I started learning about SMF. Spent almost 18 hours a day researching and learning the SMF. The very next day 6th November, I installed and configured SMF. Wagma, Priti and I togather started making boards. I was more busy over the technical end, Templates, themes, Mods, Customization and etc. SMF was turning out well. Simple Yet Powerful. We hadn’t come to the decision for making it the final face of RTW, but somewhere in our hearts we knew that it was good. It took us like 5 days to make it RTW from just a SMF venture.Hash ! Over
I end the third part of Birth of a Planet-Planet RTW here. Now the suspense is final RTW has come into existence, but how and when it was launched? This is the most exciting part of the whole making process. Something happened that you would have not that in your dream even. The mystery reveals in the next and last part of Birth of a Planet-Planet RTW Part 4.. Apologies for such a lengthy blogpost. Till then Sayonaara

Love & Regards,

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The Victory in the Defeat !!!

As the title suggests- Victory in Defeat. Two words contradicting each other in the same phrase. Something unusual, meaningless yet meaningful. There are times, when victory isn’t adorned by a trophy or a monetary prize but just the love and adulation of the audience.

As the title suggests- Victory in Defeat. Two words contradicting each other in the same phrase. Something unusual, meaningless yet meaningful. There are times, when victory isn’t adorned by a trophy or a monetary prize but just the love and adulation of the audience. Make sure you read till the end to enjoy this one to the fullest. Here I go:
Since standard 9th, I had started my journey in the field of oration. With the endless encouragement and guidance from my literature teachers, I had become a “sure to be seen face” in Interschool Elocution, Debate and Extempore competitions representing Best High School. In a span of 4 years in oration, I had delivered quite a many speeches at different arenas, with a few victories and a few defeats. My this blogpost deals with my Last Speech of School Life at an Interschool Extempore Competition at CHANGA. I had already won the Ward and Zonal Level Extempores and had qualified to represent Best High School and Ahmedabad City at the District Level Competition to held at CHANGA..
It was the month of December, 2009, don’t remember the date. Chauhan Sir, as usual was incharge of handling the event. As kind as always, he drove me to CHANGA on bike, a 2 hour tiring journey. We reached CHANGA. And what I found at the registration desk was I belonged to the FREE category. Meaning- I won’t be competing with people of my age, but with the ones senior to me. All participants with me in Extempore were young school teachers from the age group of 23-30. I was just pissed off seeing those matured faces with professional outfits. I started messaging my friends at the same moment, “Guys, I am the youngest over here, and all these are going great in Elocution, how will I face them in Extempore?” Most of the replied I got said”Chinta mat kar yaar, this is not the first time, your facing such a challenge. Chak De”. “Stage is yours, audience is yours”, this is the gurumantra Anjum Teacher gave me for my stage appearances when I was in 9th
With this basic concept in mind, I made up my mind to face the oratory ordeal. The competition started. Each one I guess had to speak for 3 minutes, on the given topic on the spot- in Hindi or English. I suppose I was the 3rd or 4th participant to perform. The 3 who performed before me, were damn horrible. The 3 spoke in Hindi, and it was awful to ears. This boosted up my moral, ki I am gonna give a good show out there. Not boasting, not over-confident, but I was confident about my English. Hindi, was not a good option for me, as I had left Hindi in 10th, so it was better to be on the safer side by delivering the speech in English.
I walked holding,controlling and releasing small nervous gasps of breath towards the bowl of chits containing the topics. And my Topic was –”If there were no Temples”. No sooner did these words flash before my eyes, I rejoiced. With God’s mercy, good wishes of pals and everybody’s blessing, I gave an enthralling speech. There were so many instances when the audience instantly started clapping on the punch lines in my speech. There were numerous instances like this during my speech. I ended my speech exactly on the bell of 2 mins. As I stepped down the stage, I had the principal of B.S. Patel High School, CHANGA to receive me. He made me sit with him and he was like”I have never before seen a child of your age giving such a strong performance”. I saw Chauhan Sir’s eyes filled with pride, telling his other teacher colleagues”Ha maari school no chokro che aa(He is a student from My School)”. After that I had numerous people down the stage, coming to me, appreciating me for the performance and complimenting in different ways. After a span of 2 hours, It was results time.
The moment in the sun had arrived – my magnum opus would be revealed. I had just delivered a spontaneous speech that I hadn’t labored and I was about to learn how the panel judged my performance. The polite but sparse audience leaned forward in their folding chairs. A hush fell across the open air auditorium.
The contest organizer announced the third-place winner. Alas, the name was not mine. Then he read the second-place winner, and once again it was not me. At last, the moment of truth came. Either I was about to bask in the warmth of victory or rue the last several hours spent eagerly for a good return of my performance. While neither of these came to pass, my heart felt closer to the latter.
Losing is a part of life, and I have dealt with the emotional baggage that travels shotgun with it on more than one occasion. However, it was an indescribably underwhelming feeling to drive more than 100 kilometers round trip, get up obscenely early on a freezing winter morning, and yet not making a place in the Top 3 Winners inspite of the audience’s best judged performance. Whatever be the reason of my defeat, be it internal politics or setting there or whatever, I don’t want to make excuses for my defeat, but I and many of them there considered this defeat of mine a victory.
While I did not earn monetary awards or a Trophy as a result of this contest, I did gain a new perspective. Through this memoir, I discovered that I can fail successfully. Failing successfully because, gaining so much of adulation and applaud from a total alien atmosphere was no less than a big success for quite a mature orator like me. Now, whenever I’m faced with a setback, I remember what Abraham Lincoln said : “The path was worn and slippery. My foot slipped from under me, knocking the other out of the way, but I recovered and said to myself, ‘It’s a slip and not a fall. “

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Birth of a Planet- Planet RTW !! Part 2

By now, I expect everybody reading this blogpost might have already read the blog post- Birth of a Planet- Planet RTW !!!. This is the second part of RTW’s Making Journey. There will be three to fours parts in total, of which this is the 2nd one. This one is pretty big, but I assure all people on RTW would love to read this one.

Hello Everybody,
By now, I expect everybody reading this blogpost might have already read the blog post- Birth of a Planet- Planet RTW !!!. This is the second part of RTW’s Making Journey. There will be three to fours parts in total pertaining to RTW’s Making, of which this is the 2nd one. This one is pretty big, but I assure all people on RTW would love to read this one.
Ok folks, so in the last blogpost I stopped at- RTW’s grand launch on 19th October 2008 12.48pm IST… The whole day went great on RTW. Everybody visiting the website, was so excited… specially all DEV TEAM Members. I remember Priti and Wagma there in Canada were awake like till 3-4am in the night as per Canadian Time. People kept on coming. Like we had around some 125-150 members till night 11.00pm.
Everything was going great, till a person with username “rajat” registered on RTW. A person with username registered on RTW on 19th October 11.00pm IST. Not only this, he began talking to people at the shoutbox in the forum. I remember, that person was talking about 30mins to everybody @ shoutbox. I was unaware of this suspicious happening. Next day, some viewbiess informed me about this. I thought the person was a sure fake as I had no inputs from Rajat regarding his registration on RTW. So thoughtlessly, I banned him. Not only banned, but even deleted his ID.. The next day i.e. 20th October I called up Rajat in the morning, asking him as to when will he register on RTW. To my extreme surprise, it was Rajat himself who had registered with username “rajat” on RTW. I was left in “AWE”. He was like “Raat ko shoots khatam ho gaye the, I knew RTW is launching today, so I thought why not to visit. When I visited, i felt like talking to fans, so I jumped in the shoutbox and I liked it. But today morning, when I tried to sign in, Malum nahi kyun, red lines mein aa raha tha ki you’re banned.” He spoke these lines so easily and calmly, but my state was disastrous. I was like what the hell did I do, I banned Rajat himself from his own world!!! I narrated him this whole case, and he was like”Koi baat nahi, naya ID bana deta hu.” So then, he made a new ID and things were back to normal.
As the days passed, more and more people joined RTW. The siggies, the videos, the discussions, everything was in full swing. People were enjoying themselves at the PRIMITIVE RTW… But then, the BLACK DAY arrived. It was 23rd October 11.55pm IST, when most of the R’ians in India were asleep, a disastrous thing happened at RTW. Wagma, Priti and others from different Time Zones were on RTW, but then they noticed an unusual thing. They could access anything on RTW. They could just see the regular RTW Forum Page, with the banner, Tabs but nothing more than Database Tables on the remaining page. It was indicating a Database crash. Next day morning, I sat in front of my machinic wife-Computer and I got this horrible news. I was shattered and left in utter disgust. I was desparate to see back the forum page, inspite of my thousands of nominal, simple, unmature attempts I couldn’t restore the forum. I had the backups of each day since the forum started. But even, the backups betrayed. I had such a horrible Web host then in the name of 2ip, zero in terms of Support, Service and Intillegence. I tried thousands of time to restore the database through phymyadmin but none succeeded. The thing was the host had restricted my database upload quota. When RTW’s database backup then was a huge 23.5 MB, the host had hardly set it to a few KBs. My all restore attempts where in vain. The host was too lazy to answer my support tickets. The registered members on the other hand, were in sixes and sevens as to what had happened to their newly opened heaven. I would not like to discuss in detail as to why the database crashed as it would include lot of technical terminilogies making the blogpost mundane. As infant as I was at that time, I had no option left with me, than to setup the whole forum again. Without much ado, I started building the whole RTW again. I knew, I was taking up a herculean task, but the enormousity of the subject couldn’t deter my passion for RTW and the zest to do something for Rajat Fans worldwide.
I ended my conference with RTW DEV TEAM at 10.30am on 24th october,2008. It was almost final that I was gonna build RTW right from the sratch. Priti and Wagma were still tensed thinking if this was really possible. I was even more tensed, cause it was Diwali vacation that time. That year, I was suppose to go to Mumbai at my Nana-Nani’s place. My rail tickets were booked dated 24th October,2008 10.45pm IST. The situation was very clear. I had hardly 12 hours in hand. In these 12 hours I had to do all the work that had done in the past two months. Remembering the Guru Mantra Gabriel Sir gave me “Whatever you pray and ask for, believe that you have received it and it will be yours. This is what God says in Mark 11 Verse 24 of Bible” I was like God, I want RTW built once again right now. With this basic understanding in mind, the work kick started. Within a few seconds, I downloaded IntegraMod. I opened 10 Mozilla Firefox windows simultaneously. One downloading IntegraMod, the 2nd one with Cpanel Open, the 3rd one with Database Tab open, the 4th one with Filemanager open, the 5th one with Database user accounts open, the 6th having a Linux guide to CHMOD permissions, the 7th with Intergramod themes, the 8th with yahoo mail, the 9th with the idiotic host’s website and the 10th one with gmail opening, through which I was seeking guidance from my elder cousin about the issue.
No sooner did Intergramod’s tar.gz extesioned file get downloaded on my PC, then I uploaded it over the server. Got it extracted, did the tedious task of CHMODing the required files and directories, and ran the setup. New database was made, user was alloted to it, tables prefixes set, this that done and in a span of just 1 hours, kitna?? 1 hour mein RTW was made once again. I applied the RTW’s trademark theme to it,RTW started appearing like before once again. All boards- Rajat Ka Darbar, Dharamveer Forum, Mugdha’s World, Members Ka Ashiyana, Video and Help all made once again. Mods configured, Safe Mode Disabled, Maitenance mode rolled back and in not more than 2 hours RTW WAS BACK !!!!! It was just due to sheer God Grace and People’s good wishes that made me slog for 2 hours so vigorously and tirelessly that it compensated all the work that I had done in the past 2 months. I restored Forum’s link on RTW’s Static Homepage, and YUPPIEE RTW started once again. People started registering once again. The heaven on which the devil had cast its black magic, had been removed from devil’s clutches and the divine atmosphere in Rajat’s World was restored. Though, RTW had lost all the data, it had previously, all registrations, posts and BLAH BLAH, people didn’t mind at all to get themselves registered once again and started posting as enthusiastically as before. I can never thank all R’ians for this kind gesture…
Seeing RTW in peace, I boarded the train to mumbai and had a peaceful sleep that night totally unaware of the fact that all efforts I had put in the whole day were absolutely in vain, the same disaster was to occur the next day again. The next day 25th October 2008 was Diwali. I reached Mumbai early morning 6.15am. Reached Andheri at Nana-Naani’s place met everbody, specially my lovely sis Mahika, and had a nap again. No sooner did I get up at 9.45am that day, then i saw Wagma’s 4 back to back missed calls on my cell. I thought, she might have been eager to wish me Happy Diwali, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. On calling up Wagma, I found that RTW’s database had crashed once again. My face instantly turned pale, all happiness of reaching mumbai washed off and I was left in dismay… I had no clue what I could do..In Mumbai, I had a comp at Naana-Naani’s place but with a Dial-Up connection on it. With almost neglible net access, there was hardly anything I could do…
What happened next then?? When & How did RTW get back ?? Answers to all these questions lies in the 3rd Part of—Birth of a Planet- Planet RTW !!!
Hope you were happy knowing the facts during RTW’s making. Feel free to comment on this one and extremely sorry to write such a long Blogpost. I am sure, some might have left reading HALF THE WAY. LOLZZ

Sayonaara till the next blog post.

Love & Regards,

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Birth of a Planet- Planet RTW !!!

My this blog post is about the birth of our Mega Website- Rajat Tokas World. Today this website is a 2nd Home to 7000+ Rajat Tokas Fans worldwide. It’s a proud website to hold a position in Top 1 Lakh websites of the World( It’s a proud website visited by Superstar Rajat Tokas himself, who considers it an apt medium to interact with his fans. It has grown by leaps and bounds since its 2 years of creation.

Hello Everybody,
Thanks a lot for your continual encouragement at the blog and loads of appreciation for my articles.Will continue to keep up the quality work and share it with you all.
My this blog post is about the birth of our Mega Website- Rajat Tokas World. Today this website is a 2nd Home to 7000+ Rajat Tokas Fans worldwide. It’s a proud website to hold a position in Top 1 Lakh websites of the World( It’s a proud website visited by Superstar Rajat Tokas himself, who considers it an apt medium to interact with his fans. It has grown by leaps and bounds since its 2 years of creation. It’s because of the continual hard work that we all DEV TEAM members have put it. But my this blog post will tell you the tale of RTW’s birth. Here I start:

Once upon a time(dramatic hain na, koi baat nahi, aage padho yaar), there was a Yahoo group called Rajatrocks. Rajatrocks was a group created by me, when I was in 9th standard. I had newly met Rajat and therefore I thought of starting a group on him. The idea was immediately implemented. I started the group aiming a 100 members and not more. Funny na… The thing was Anish was a new born baby in the Web World at that time…

Gradually the group started growing, and like in a span of 2 years it managed to get about 900 Rajat Fans. Rajatrocks was the only medium through which Rajat could then indirectly know about his fans. I remember, getting Rajat’s audio messages recorded for occassions like RTW’s anniversary, Valentine’s day and stuff. In a small span of 2 years Rajatrocks had become quite popular in the Web World and most of Rajat Fans knew about it. But the only backdrop of the place was it was just a small group and not a website. Meaning of Group- You could just post messages over the group, and people would receive those posts via their yahoo mail. Nothing more than this could happen. But still people bonded amazingly over there. That group though didnt make a big name, but made big relations. It bonded people like never before. People made so many close friends and are still in touch, all thanks to Rajatrocks. I remember meeting Monica( known as Mia there) over Rajatrocks. And not only Monica, Priyanshi,(as vital as oxygen in my life) is too a blessing of Rajatrocks.

But as I mentioned before, it was just a group and no website. Rajatrocks had no individual identity. It was dependent on Yahoo for its identity. This fact was hampering me and Rajat both. Whenever I would ask Rajat to visit Rajatrocks he would ask me the url. And I embaressing uttered that long big subdomanic URL: .
My 10th standard vacation was going on then. The vacation was about to end, and I was dogged determined to make an independent website for Rajat Fans. At that time, I knew I was dreaming big, I had absolutely no idea as to how to make a website. I didn’t even know the pre-requirements. Absolutely blank… I just knew I wanted to make a website.

Coincidently, I met Wagma, who was then a member on Rajatrocks with her thoughts resonating with mine. She too was of the opinion ki Rajat Fans needed a website. We happened to chat on yahoo once when I boldly and thoughtlessly told her I could make it. And to my surprise, at that instant of time only, she agreed to sponsor it. It was just because of Wagma’s generosity at that time, due to which 1000s of people can see RTW today. My only limitation at that time was I was just a sixteen year old kid then, I had no credit card/debit cards to pay for hosting/domain etc.. Neither I had the courage to ask my parents for it nor there was anybody whom I could ask for help. But then, Wagie came as an angel and relieved me of this. The project was final then, a Rajat Tokas site was bound to be created.The project was finalized.

As I mentioned in the post above, I hardly knew anything about websites then, and now I had to make a big website, which would be an almost official website of Rajat Tokas. My 11th standard had begun then. I spent my days and nights researching about making a website. Gabriel Sir, a second name of God to me, came to my rescue. He explained me the very basics of website making like domains, hosting, cPanel and stuff. Also, he managed to suggest a host to me. After all this homework, I got wagma to register for a hosting account and a domain too. And the domain was . To your surprise, I never thought much about the domain. It instantly struck me at one night and the next day we got it and the auspicious day was 2nd September 2008.

The domain was registered, hosting account activated. I was the alone person to work for the website. Wagma kept away from the Technical stuff. At that time, we didn’t have anything like a DEVELOPMENT TEAM. It was just two people- ME AND WAGMA. I started learning about forums, forum softwares, installing configuring them, databases, CHMOD and this and that. I was just a beginner to all these things. I didn’t know what I was doing. I just did the things for the sake of making a website. I was working on a Linux server then. Linux at that time, was just a name of an operating system, which I had read in my books. I didn’t know anything about it. But I compromised with my 11th standard studies, learnt all this in just a span of 2 months, got a forum up on the website and YES IT WAS DONE…..

Then, we started forming a development team, Wagma knew Swordy who was just great at designing business, she got a banner designed for the website. Then we found the most important of all, Priti, my loveliest Angel over WWW and a great friend. While she was working miracles at my other Rajat Tokas site- Rocking Rajat(a Wetpaint venture), I thought it was time for Priti to get out of shallow waters. In this way, we managed to form a small TEAM. TEAM worked day in and day out before the launch. The launch date was decided as 19th October 2008. We had fully prepared for the whole launch. In the first week of October only that year, I had visited Rajat on DV Sets @ Vadodara. I also showed him RTW’s layout at that time. I remember, he was just over with his shoots that time and like at around 11.45pm at night, we were seeing RTW’s pages on his laptop. The next day i.e. 2nd October 2008, I had got audio messages recorded from Rajat inviting his fans to interact on his own website- Rajat Tokas World. We made sure to make this audio message reaches on all big forums and websites. And as expected people started pouring in, in a few moments after RTW’s launch on 19th October 2008 12.48pm IST.

It was a big day for all of us. Especially for me. RTW is my first website and I had d put in my 100% in making it the best of my ability. Not only I had worked hard on the website, but I had sacrified my acedemic performance. I knew while working for RTW, that 1st Rank would never appear in my result sheets again. But somehow I made up my mind for the sake of the website.

The people started registering that day. And like all was great… I still get nostalgic about that day… A Planet was born over WWW- Planet RTW….

This is how RTW took off… But, wait its not over yet. There was lot of action and adventure after this. The story I just mentioned above, is undoubtedly about RTW , but not that RTW you see today. The RTW you see today has a different story. Read my next blog post to read the exciting story about it. Also dont forget to comment over this one.

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Success and its changing definitions!!

Warm welcome to my 2nd blog post. This too was published as an article in The School Post. I wrote it when i was just done appearing for Boards and Competitives. It was vacation time, and I felt the need to pen down the sufferings and endeavor that I had gone through in the past 2 years. Here is a summary of all that. here I go:

Hello Everybody,

Warm welcome to my 2nd blog post. This too was published as an article in The School Post. I wrote it when i was just done appearing for Boards and Competitives. It was vacation time, and I felt the need to pen down the sufferings and endeavor that I had gone through in the past 2 years. Here is a summary of all that. here I go:

When I was younger, I wished for a Mercedes and a Sea Facing Mansion. That was my idea of success. I vigorously put all my mettle in acedemics aced
the exams with my mind set for getting the magic words 1st Rank in my marksheets. After handing over the result sheet to parents, followed the demand of gift for the result. The demands began with watches, then came simple mobiles, then came color mobiles, then came mobiles with cameras and now the latest is a Blackberry or a laptop for my First Class Distinction grade in 12th Science I just know that I would somehow, someday I would become famous entrepreneur and be able to afford that car and the dream house. All the way through junior years and still now, my mind is planning this idyllic future.

Life is not promised and neither is my future success. While I was going through the motions in an attempt to attain material success, first check, bigger grades, bigger titles, I was not enjoying my daily life. I felt i was caught up in such a prison which had no way out, the prison called routine. I had succumbed to such a routine of life which had only 2 options- Live A Mundane Life to Get what you Want OR Give up. Obviously the latter wasn’t acceptable to a philosophical minded creature like me. I was just existing. It occurred to me that life has more purpose than acquiring bigger grades on score cards and materialistic possessions, which will only be yours until you can no longer keep up with the hectic tution classes and mugging up the bluky refrence books. Although I had often been told this, I finally understood. I realized that finding inner peace, purpose and happiness will stick with you forever – and that is real success.

In the two higher secondary years, I had missed a lot of things. Chatting peacefully with my parents, helping my sister out with maths sums, having a coffee frequently with my pals, visiting my High School teachers regularly(whom I love a lot), keeping in touch with my cousins who live outstations and a lot more. Tranqulity and shalom seemed absolutely absent in my life. Not only in mine, but every person’s who was pursuing 11-12th Sci and preparing for JEE and AIEEE. It’s now during my vacation, the time when I am at the doorstep of entering my college life I enjoy the pleasure of doing NOTHING. I enjoy the peaceful sleeps(which i never had in the past 2 years), I enjoy the mouth watering mangoes(which I missed in my last summer vacation) and neverthanless I enjoy resting peacefully in my mother’s lap at the end of the day with no qualms to appal me. These small things of life seem a big success to me today

Enjoying life’s precious quirks makes a person more successful than a wealthy(by money or by grades) person who is not content and takes everything for granted. Instead of memorizing facts, I have begun learning information. Instead of focusing on the future, I focused on today and the many blessings and successes that come with it.
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