The Gain after Gaining

Hello friends, first of all I will thank my friend Anish to allow me as a guest author on his blog and share my views on ibelievethat. Hope you all would have read the poem and liked it……..Thankyou to all who showed interest towards it… I have come up with a thought regarding the GAIN after GAINING something……
Generally,a human mind craves for one or the other thing as time fades. Basic human mentality makes him ponder over the thing which he/she desires to have.I will start with an example of a small child, who doesn’t have the great mind to ponder over things.Suppose, he demands one thing he sees and when he is deprived of it, obviously he starts crying…………………., why??????? The answer is he wants to gain it, he wants to have it, no matter it is for him or not,but he wants it.Once you give the thing, he stops crying, and starts playing with it or just glares at it,and after sometime will throw it as if he never wanted that thing ever. This is human mentality from childhood,which always wants to gain something, and after gaining the thing, the value of the thing goes negligible.Strange, but TRUE………………………
The same case holds good for an grown up adult,I talk about a student in a college, he is new to the college, he sees people, talks to all, but makes friendship with some of them why…is it so………????? The reason is that, he inside, his heart wants that , “no I want this person to stay with me for long. He or she can be a good friend of mine”,but once you become friends with them, the bond of friendship makes you to bother about them , its not you….clarifying this point, I will say that…the try you make to make the opposite person as you friend is 100 times more than what you make him to laugh after becoming his/her friend………(except one…LOL)
You talk about a businessman,the attempts he makes when he has to develop a business and attempts he makes after he gets successful has a vast difference.Once he finds success in one field , then he wants to enter another field,too achieve success over there.(I wouldn’t have to give examples over here) I am not talking about what he or she should do in business but when we are talking of human mentality, it looses the importance of the GAIN after gaining………….one more point is about our parents love , that nowadays my father always sattires me that your life is there out of your mobile phone, and I know that this is the problem of every single guy and gal out there in teenage and middle age, we know its true, but the problem is that, we think that we already have our parents’ love and blessings with us thinking, they would never leave us,and we search for the LOVE and CARE outside, rather forget that best love can never be obtained except a mum’s heart……I said na human mentality….”SALA PAA LENE K BAAD AUR DEMAND KARTA HAI, JO MILA HAI USKI PARWAH KABI NAI KARTA”……….AWFULL AND SHAMEFULL……….
I have seen many relationships in my life SOME OF WHICH which have flowered and SOME OF WHICH have ended up in the dirty puddle……in a relationship also the person who once gains others’ trust and confidence, generally doesn’t care much after it. What he/she thinks is that, he should understand and she should understand. Before making relationship which said ‘’the boy says that he will understand and the girl says she will understand….”.pretty strange but the thing goes completely reverse. This is the leading factor of too many breaking relationships in this beautiful garden of lord………….the LIFE…..
So friends, I have written this from the visions what I have seen and have felt…i don’t know whether these are true or not…but when I think about the matter my mind suggests only one thing that “O! lord give me the strength to value those things that I have achieved in my life, and let those things help me to gain better and better things in future…..halelujah”……………..
Here , I end up my views regarding the GAIN AFTER GAINING, May lord bless all……………………..and I will clarify that I m too a victim of this…hard to accept it…but I do…..

Prathmesh Madhu

Guest Author

I Believe That

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Author: Prathmesh Madhu

I am a student in L.D. college of engineering, studying electonics. Though, i have got into this technical course, i have a upper crush towards LITERATURE.

2 thoughts on “The Gain after Gaining”

  1. i do agree wid u…its a fact…true bt shameful…people just don’t value what they have been blessed with…
    lyk u stated for relationships, I 2 have experienced it…in fact going thru it nw as well…
    loved this one…hope to read more of urs as well 🙂
    and thanks anish… 🙂

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