Birth of a Planet-Planet RTW !!! Part 4

Now, its time that I reveal to the world and specially my R’ians that how was RTW launched. The final RTW which you see today, how was it launched… Under which circumstances was it launched, all this you will get to know in this last part of Birth of Planet-Planet RTW!! Here I begin…

Hello Guys/Friends/Everybody, how are you all doing? Hope you’re in the best of your health. Working season is back after Diwali breaks. Many of my friends at the college level might be battling with their End-SEMS at the moment. Hope you all pass with the best possible marks. Now, its time that I reveal to the world and specially my R’ians that how was RTW launched. The final RTW which you see today, how was it launched… Under which circumstances was it launched, all this you will get to know in this last part of Birth of Planet-Planet RTW!! Here I begin…
I stopped the 3rd part on the events that had occured till 11th Nov 2008. We three, Wagma, Priti and I we had finished up making RTW from a simple, dumb, uncharming SMF system. We had made all the boards then, it was ready for the launch. But we were yet to decide ki when to launch it. At the same time, we wanted to be damn sure this time that the system we are putting RTW on is absolutely reliable and user-friendly. We were aiming to test the brand new RTW for a day or two and then launch it publicly. But Nah, destiny had planned something else for RTW.
Till 11th November, all Rajat Fans were asked to stay connected to Rocking Rajat, where Rajat had registered temporarily. People where there, active, Dharamveer Pics, Discussions all was going great. That website(Rocking Rajat) was doing absolutely fine till one dreadful day-12th November 2010. I am not sure, I think I had just returned from the school that day. As this all mess was going on, the first thing I would do after returning from school would be visiting Rocking Rajat or RTW’s Cpanel. That day(12th Nov,2008) too, I did the same. It was some afternoon 2pm. I was on Rocking Rajat checking posts and stuff till 2pm. All seemed ok, so I logged off. It was just some 10-12 mins since I had logged off and got on to my bed to take a nap, I got a call from Wagma. There was intense panic in her voice, which inturn paniced me too. She was like”Hey anish, check Rocking Rajat, there is some very bad image out there.” I was like” I was there before 10 mins and all was fine, what happened suddenly” She was like just see the site immediately. Without wasting a second, i jostled with the chair in the room and switched on the PC. In helter skelter I typed rocking rajat’s url in Mozilla’s Address bar and I was taken a back seeing something that had just flashed before my computer screen. I was trying to gather my scattered breaths. I couldn’t believe that I was just seeing a BIG PORN IMAGE in Header Section on Rocking Rajat’s Homepage. I was like “SHIT, THIS CANNOT HAPPEN”. I tried to login in my account there, but all FUTILE. My account was HACKED there. I felt so disgusted and helpless at the moment, “Nothing was helping me out. The yahoo ID corresponding to Rocking Rajat’s admin account too was hacked. All doors to restore the healthy status of Rocking Rajat were closed. There was barely anything that anybody could do in such a dreadful mess.
I regained my sane, I called up my Elder Cousin Bro in Mumbai, who is a great TECHNOCRAT, an IT Expert and at a big position in big company. I knew that he could help me somehow. I narrated the whole situation to him over the phone, he saw devastated Rocking Rajat, he was like do have the Yahoo IDs in control and on my negative reply to this he was like “IT’s OVER”. I knew this in some corner of my mind before the phone conversation, but like my heart wasn’t ready to accept this set back. My heart was still expecting that “Atleast something can go better”, but it was wrong. Like the past few days, the devil had cast his eyes on this day too and dimmed its charm making it sombre for me and R’ians. But I was like “Nah, I am not gonna give up. I will not let Satan make a mockery of my hard work”. I was like God, I need to do something very spontaneous, and please suggest me that.
No sooner did I pray these words, then my friend God rushed to my help. God was like, “Sau Sunaar ki Ek Luhaar ki”. Devil placed of small big hindrances in your path, now its your turn to strike a blow in his inauspicious reign and drive him away forever. Its time, RTW should be up for now and forever. LAUNCH IT. I was like YEAH, LET’s launch RTW. Without thinking much, I decided its time RTW shall be unveiled for people. Vamakshi was the helping hand at that time at Rocking Rajat. I was missing Priti at that time, but I had to take prompt action. I could not leave the people to nature’s mercy seeing that obscene PORN image over Rocking Rajat. I told vamakshi and Wagma to inform people ki RTW is fine now and its launched.
I opened the link for the forum to everybody, , since that day became the face of RTW. People were more than happy to see RTW back. This scam took place at 3pm in afternoon and by 6pm in the evening, more than 100 R’ians had already got themselves registered over RTW, not leaving even a trace of how horrible the afternoon had been. By night that day, people webwide, were informed ki RTW is finally back and launched. 12th November,2008 on one hand proved a Black Day as Rocking Rajat was hacked miserably. But see God’s miracle he had made RTW so big today that people and Rajat Fans worldwide dont remember about this Black Event, but they consider 12th Nov as a day of big celebrations as their RTW was launched this day.
This is how the RTW you see today was born,brought up and launched…. Here I conclude all parts of Birth of a Planet-Planet RTW !!! . The advent of RTW’s Making,Crashing,Launching & Re-Launching made a lot of things clear to me. I gained totally new perspective towards events, life and GOD’s WILL(the term which gabriel sir had in his every sentence almost). I learnt that “MUDDAI LAKH BURA CHAHE TO KYA HOTA HAI, WAHI HOTA HAI JO MANZUR-E-KHUDA HOTA HAI”. I also learnt that God’s word never fails. God has promised in Roman’s 4 verse 13 of Bible “If God Be For Us, Who can be against Us”. For God was with me, that is why R’ians had faith in me and the DEV TEAM. Also I came to the conclusion that “I can do anything and everything through my God who strengthens me”-Philiphines 1 of Bible Also, I came to the conclusion that its futile getting paniced over an unlucky event, because god is with me and he is gonna set all right for me. God says in Joshua 1 Verse 13-“Dont be afraid, Dont Panic, for I the Lord your God am with you in all you do”. Also I learnt one more big lesson of life”UNITY IS STRENGTH”, it was because of Wagma and Priti’s Support and the whole DEV TEAM support, we could make RTW, and its standing enormously successful today. Its just TEAM WORK that has resulted into the exalted reputation of RTW in Indian as well as International Web World.
I hope you all have liked reading yet another long blogpost from my end. I hope you have liked my narration towards the events that occuring at the advent of RTW. If I have been wrong somewhere in narration, if I have been boasty somewhere, please forgive me for that. My blogs on RTW and various other topics will continue. So keep visiting I Believe That-Words to My Belief. And haan, is blogpost par to comment karo baba.
Love & Regards,
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6 thoughts on “Birth of a Planet-Planet RTW !!! Part 4”

  1. Too senti, but it’s great that God had helped you out, as He is always there for the ones who calls Him, Thanks to Allah and then you all for giving us our 2nd home, without visiting RTW a day we feel that we missed out something very important, may RTW always rock, and yes keep writing, like to read your blog posts, as they are written very delicately.

  2. u’ve been boasty??? Na… we knw how much RTW means to u….and how much effort u all have put in…gr8 going R’ians…

    bt yeah i do miss our RockingRajat and Rajatrocks…the place where we met…. 🙂

  3. u know what we always wanted to know the inside story of rtw and after reading all the 4 parts i must say one thing to u

    Keep Rocking
    Take care.

  4. Again enjoyed reading this part too….and yes God always help us…when someone calls him….always have faith in God…..

    and thanks for sharing these things about RTW…We all are really thankful to you, Priti and Wagma for giving us this wonderful world RTW….our 2nd home…..

    waiting to read more posts…..

    and thanks a lot once again…..

  5. Ohk!!! last one… but i was like i want to read more about rtw.. how it went on… the special moments and all..
    anyways when i read the line “destiny had planned sumthing else for RTW”
    my heart started thumping fast what more bad could be than what already had happened.
    I continued reading… i wasnt in condition to read any more probs but yet i wanted to know how actually it was launched.
    Damn!! i rem evn i had gone to rockingrajat that tym and was shocked to see those pics and all. But that tym i could never imagine how bad it would feel to the webmasters who have made it.
    Well, kisi nahi sahi kaha hai.. jo bhi hota hai manjore khuda hota hai.. if it havent been hacked then might be u havent gave a thought to launching so soon. Im glad finally u made it.. and todays its most successful fansite.
    Rtw rocks!!
    Hope u never have to face any such problems again. And yea no doubt we get to learn by facing situations only. Every thing gives us a different experience of life.
    and im glad u finally succeeded to overcome the difficult circumstances.
    Keep rocking forever 😀

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