Basics of 143 !!!

In this post I would like to share with you my feelings and opinions of some memoirs that have embarked my mind with strong gust of counterbalancing thoughts, philosophical conclusions and a few new perspectives towards life, events and most importantly love. I will be talking a lot about love in this blogpost, to be specific TEENAGE LOVE.

Hello everybody, thanks a million for liking the article “You in Yourself“. Just to inform you all, its has become the most viewed article on my blog. Thanks a zillion friends.  I would now like to share with you my feelings and opinions of some memoirs that have embarked my mind with strong gust of counterbalancing thoughts, philosophical conclusions and a few new perspectives towards life, events and most importantly love. I will be talking a lot about love in this blogpost, to be specific TEENAGE LOVE.

We’re (Teenagers) at such a milestone in our life, that we fall for the opposite sex quite easily. We enter the High School. / Higher Secondary or College with an inkling in our mind that we are grown up now, we have freedom, we have emancipation, so let’s do what our fancy says us to do. Not only this, but there is a lot of clamor about the mania of having a boyfriend/girlfriend in the high school/college atmosphere. So all this induces, the so called love in your mind (YES, this love is induced in your mind and is not indigenous. But, yes we do have exceptions.). In this blogpost I will be taking about the second case- the exceptional case where we teenagers actually find our true love.

The Onset:

It’s all together a different feeling of being in love. It starts with friendship usually. I am a person who believes in love at first sight. But I contradict its portrayal as shown in Hindi movies. In movies they show the hero enchanted by the heroine at the very first sight (Something like SRK in Main Hoon Na), TOTALLY CRAP. I object. As per my understanding, when you first see your better half, you don’t actually get madly enchanted and see the guitarist playing guitar around but yes, the background gets hazy, you can just see one thing clearly-HIS/HER face, heartbeats start galloping from 72 to 140, and finally you feel an agreeable chill in the ventricle of your heart, and somewhere your heart tells you “YES BOSS, THIS PERSON IS SOMETHING DIFFERENT, AND MY RELATION WITH HIM/HER IS GONNA BE A BIG ONE”.

The start of something new:

People gradually become friends, followed by SMS forwards, long phone conversations, late night chats, sitting together in class tests/lectures (provided the girl is from a METRO city, valid for Delhi-Mumbai girls only, girls in my city are too narrow-minded to confess their love for somebody publicly), long long long talks, indirect proposals. The first HI’s when entering the class, the last byes when approaching home; the solitary yet togetherness filled evening winter walks, crossing the road together, seeing your boyfriend’s face in a Movie Hero’s face/seeing your girlfriend’s face in Movie Heroine’s face, all these symptoms indicate that you have succumbed to cupid’s arrow. And finally there is proposing. And it’s needless to cite that it’s the guy who proposes always. This is again something with I strongly contradict. I mean which rulebook says that it’s the guy only who is supposed to propose always. Don’t get me wrong girls; I’m not saying that it’s the girls who shall propose guys, no, not at all. If you’re in love, love is a mutual feeling, then why not confess your love for each other? Confession is a two-way act. Most of the couples don’t agree to this, they believe in being proposed by their better half. OK. Let’s not dig over it much; I don’t want to enrage a debate in the comment section. I’ll move on.

In the Deep Waters:

Once in love, it’s then the real fun starts. People say its fun to be single, but for singles who’re reading this- guys being in relationship with someone is the most awesome feeling of the world. Just imagine, till date you’ve thought of yourself as a single individual, but when you fall in love, it’s then you come to know that no you weren’t a single individual, you were just half of yourself, the other half was your partner. Being in love actually means feeling the oneness with other person. It’s the divine feeling that makes the selfish human selfless. That’s why people think of love as a heavenly feeling. Thinking for the other person day in and day out, trying to get a smile on your partner’s face each day, being happy in his/her happiness, being sad in his/her woes, just listening to her blabbering on anything and everything, making her interests your interests, seeing her laugh in joy, wiping off her tears during an emotional scene in a movie, lending her a shoulder to sleep in the bus during picnics, watching her artless face while she is asleep, cheering her up to achieve her goals- these are all incomputable experiences that a couple conceives in their relationship (All these things mentioned will be experienced only if you’re in true love, those in crushes/time may discontinue reading this.).

Then, it’s the nature that comes in the picture. Nature too starts telling you that you’re in love. The moon, it seems beautiful as never before, more beautiful seems your girlfriend’s face. At night from the balcony you see the moon, but moon says “Don’t see me, this time your girlfriend too is seeing me, so let me show you to her and her to you”, and deceived by cupid’s conjure; you see your girlfriend’s face in the moon. Not only moon, wind too is in nature’s love squad. The gentle wind blowing reminds you of her, when you call up she will be like “You know what, I was just remembering you.” Scientists call it Telepathy, but we writers and poets call it love. Hell with those scientists who think of love as a stimulated, unpredictable, nerve impulse to the brain inducing unprecedented soft behavior in person’s personality. And there is so much, however much I share those priceless, cozy and congenial moments, it would be less

There is so much to talk about this, but most of the visitors don’t prefer reading long blog posts. Specially love is something, which some people don’t like to read much about. Therefore, its better I end the First Part of Basics of 143 here. In my next blogpost the Second Part of Basics of 143, I will talk about some factors necessary to let the relationship subsist life long.

P.S. If you have a question in your mind that how did I come to know all this, was I with somebody, please try and curb it then at there, I won’t be able to answer that.

Love & Regards,


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13 thoughts on “Basics of 143 !!!”

  1. hey…………….iska matlab……………u r with someone……………
    dunno how but the basics are much more clearer to u than it seems………………
    it requires a lot of experience…………and i think u have one!!!!!!
    great…………..this was mesmerizing!!!!!!
    really i completely went red reading it……………….
    waiting for more…………

  2. gosshhh……!!!!! its jus simply superb….. i mean u described it so beautifully tht i hv no words 2 describe it…..!!!! seriously waiting for more…..!!!! 🙂

  3. heya dear,

    Okay! I knw how much u have recommended me to read this ..and im so sry for delaying it so much. To be honest i was smiling while reading the whole blog.. and its ur first blog wich actually forced me to read and imagine every line. Hatsoff to u for writing it as love is sumthing wich no one can actually describe.
    Its where every word becomes short to explain it as a whole… even the oxford dictionary can’t explain it lol

    Now, i loved it as much i love loving anyone. And obviously i wont ask u do u love sum1 or not as one main reason its not necessary to fall in love to know the love. Love is everywhere…. as u said u can feel love in air, moon( personally i luk towards the moon every night just to find a face 😉 )
    its in almost everything we do…. Music, dance, singing.
    Yaah! the ppl who dun like to read about love n all stuff thinking its waste of tym so guys come’n im dead sure even u have fallen in love many of tyms.
    According to me there are two types of love… when the kind of we love our family, our frnds, our teachers , our things.
    and other… i dun need to tell im sure everyone knw it.
    I very casually said that day to u anish that i dun want to fall in love. Well, who the silly dun want to ..actually i’m already in love and i can find all the symptoms given above as totally applicable on me but yet i would say im not yet in love, as its incomplete without my partner.

    Anyways i would just say everyone shuld really love to love sumone as we live life once and shuld live it complete and for sure it cant be complete without our better half.

    Amazing dear i nver knew u could actually express it so fascinating.

  4. Sorry for posting late here… actually I was not able to say anything on such a well described article…According to me love would always be indescribable but u did it so well…Simply amazing!

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