Let it be…..

This poem is for my two dearest friends ANISH and KESHU……this poem is not just a poem but it speaks a lot about the world in hidden phrases. This is also a tribute to the japan for what happened over there……after it, the poem also talks about the real world where in two beautiful souls dream of being one in the same world being far apart….LOVE u BOTH……


O boy see the leaves are falling,
See the souls of boys are crying;
Yeah, the souls of those frisbee,
Are speaking quiet unbotheringly;
“LET IT BE”…..

See, the world is running short of sources,
And no place to sit even on porches;
The mightier is fixing a LOCK and KEY,
He too is unbothered to speak;
“LET IT BE”…..

World out of form, cramping over Tsunami,
Earthquake, blasts,nuclear tragedy…why is this MOMMY..??
Even the FORGERS getting the fear of forged, see;
But the cruel man willingly speaks;
“LET IT BE”…..

The crowd is an emotional box of wishes,
‘Hope’ stands out in limelight for kisses;
After the losses ,and the market falls to knee,
The entrepreneurs easily say today;
“LET IT BE”…..

Out of this whole world ,facing above situation;
Two souls being apart are trying to be one vibration,
Problems have faced them until they could flee,
God even sees them together and says;
“LET IT BE”…..

Regards & Love,

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Author: Prathmesh Madhu

I am a student in L.D. college of engineering, studying electonics. Though, i have got into this technical course, i have a upper crush towards LITERATURE.

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