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There are some defining acts, which need definition. But still, they are so sublime that even upon asking Define the Definition, we fail to make a definition for those acts.”

Hello Everybody,
Hope you all are enjoying the Garbas in the colorful Navratri Time(NOTE:this statement invalid for DDIT students, so ignore!). So, am here back with one more blog post. This blog post isn’t an article but something direct DIL SE.
A few weeks ago, I was attending the Electronics Tutorial class at the University and our professor RRA(abbreviated to uphold his prestige, LOL) was dictating questions pertaining to AC fundamentals. While I was busy gallivanting with my pals around, he happened to fire an unusal phrase from his vocal chord-“Define the Defination of RMS Value.” The whole class bursted into laughter on the very horribly fromed phrase”Define the Definition” and I was no exception. He repeated the same phrase “Define the Definition of…” the next week too. But then just 2 days ago, when I got bored doing EG(Engineering Graphics, the one which I hate like hell), I was thinking to divert my mind to something else and this phrase “Define the Definition” knocked the neurons in my mind. I was like how foolish to utter such a unconventional,unheard and gramatically incorrect, senseless phrase. But then the very next moment, my mind backfired and said-“No, he is correct. There are some defining acts, which need definition. But still, they are so sublime that even upon asking Define the Definition, we fail to make a definition for those acts.”
It was just then, when panorama of some mesmerizing memories started brimming over my mind and I was lost in defining the definition of those acts. Would like to share that panorama with you, and I’m sure at the end of the blogpost even you would say in one tune with me-“YES, WE BELIVE THAT….”
Back to Define the Definition. Here that panorama starts:

Define the Definition 1: The unconditional love of a mother for her children. When her child is ill, she keeps the child in the lap day in and day out, remains awake for the days and night just waiting for her child to be alright. She sacrifices her sleep at night, to keep her child in her lap the whole night, so that her child can sleep peacefully..Define the Definition… Valid…
Mother Child

Define the Definition 2: The unconditional love of a father, who comes home early from work, coz he promised his child to take him to his/her favorite ice cream parlor at night regardless of his fatigue due to the hectic office hours. Define the definition.

Define the Definition 3: (For my R’ians) More 7000 people gather at a single website with the hope of coming a step closer to their favorite star. They blindly support the website, in all UPs and DOWN not just because it’s their star’s website, but its THIER website. Define the definition of this human bonding with a cluster of dynamic webpages….Can you??

Define the Definition 4: 2 guys, who love drinking cold drinks like hell, almost addicted to it, leave it for the whole life, just because a friend of their’s asks to do so. Define the definition…Can you??

Define the Definition 5: A Scientist in Genetic Science, selflessly and unconditionally stays nights and days awake to administor a website. Spending weekends over the website, getting up early for the website work, and giving all and all for the website.Moreover, A person from Egypt, other from Dubai, and a handful others from different corners of the world give their all to run the website of 7000 ably without any personal or monetory gains Define the definition

Define the Definition 6:(For my Friends) Separated by the judgement of destiny in different colleges of the nation and even the globe, a group of friends fight against all the odds to remain in touch. Even meeting regularly, long phone conversations are dreams too good to come true, upon meeting at fortnights, they don’t refrain saying “Missed you darling” with emotions direct from the pit of the heart. Define the definition….

These are some scenes from the panorama that strangled my mind with a question “Define the Definition…”
Do you have a definition for it?? If not, then joyously say with me “YES, WE BELIEVE THAT…..”

Sayonaara till the next blog post.

Love and Regards,

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7 thoughts on “Define the Definition”

  1. yaar these r jst those attributes of human nature…and the bond we all share…they jst cant be defined…how ever hard one tries, its quite impossible to define them in words…they can be felt…
    gr8 yaar!!!

  2. cool!! Your this blog was really touching… how could come out with a gr8 blog by just a saying of ur professor. Hatsoff to u man =D

    Actually i used do think that some definitions need to be defined but now after reading i do BELIEVE that yes its absolutely true <3

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