The Rise !!!

Well, after a downfall comes, the rise that is a part and parcel of human life. After every sunset, there is a sunrise. Sunrise marks the advent of a new day, the advent of those 24 hours which are going to completely explicit from the previous 24. The same holds true for THE RISE after the DOWNFALL. This blogpost- THE RISE- is the sequel to THE FALL and bears within itself the story of gradual rise from the pit.

Hello everybody, making a blog post almost after a month. The last one was “The Fall” posted on 11th December. I am really extolled by the overwhelming and comforting response that I’ve got for The Fall.Well, after a downfall comes, the rise that is a part and parcel of human life. After every sunset, there is a sunrise. Sunrise marks the advent of a new day, the advent of those 24 hours which are going to completely explicit from the previous 24. The same holds true for THE RISE after the DOWNFALL. This blogpost- THE RISE- is the sequel to THE FALL and bears within itself the story of gradual rise from the pit. I hope you all like reading this. Here I go:

I concluded my last blogpost, THE FALL, with the words:

I had been burnt in the fire to be made gold, I been rubbed against the rocks to be polished. I had been buried to rise, I had been charred to reconstruct.

I haven’t used these words to make the blogpost more flowery or melodramatic, but I meant every word of what I had written. When I said-” I had been burnt in the fire to be made gold” , Yes I had been burnt in the fire of rankling and remorse, when I said “ I been rubbed against the rocks to be polished” , Yes I had been rubbed against the rocks, rocks were such circumstances which with I battled, yet I ended up banging my head over them learning my efforts were futile. When I said, “ I had been buried to rise”,Yes I had been buried. The person I was till 10th was not seen ever after, that Anish which the world saw till 10th was buried in the High School Pages only. When I said, “ I had been charred to reconstruct”, Yes I had been charred and destroyed by the circumstances to be made a new Anish after the FALL.

To justify and expound my above statements, I would like to cite the example of reconstruction of old buildings. When a new building is to be new at the same place where an old one already exists, the contractors don’t rectify the old one, they just destroy it right from the scratch to make a new one over there. And this is what the world calls reconstruction. Same was with me, God had made sure that I lose all my academic form when I fall. The transition from 1st to 9th rank is pretty jerky for any normal human being to sustain and I was no exception. I did make some small & big attempts here and there to regain the academic status, but all futile. After an instance, I stopped battling, cause I had known that nothing had been working in the direction I wanted. May be this was the hint given by the almighty to fulfill his will through me. God, the superpower might have already written my DOWNFALL, and needless to cite that he had planned the rise to it well in advance. Before I started falling, I had begun my expedition towards RISE.

In couple of years of my fall and rise, my personality had achieved many new dimensions. From just a 1st Ranker and an average Orator, I had become Quite a Popular Orator, A Popular Host for school events ( All thanks to you Becky ), A Web Developer ( Webmaster ) and last but not the least a mediocre WRITER. Today when I look back in time , the vista of those 2 years compel me to believe that, those 2 years of my life were meant for these priorities of life and not academics. Had I not fallen then, a lot of things would have remained undone. I was unaware of this fact then, but after 12th Board, when I sat down to contemplate over the two years in Science Stream, I learnt that I hadn’t fallen, but indeed I had risen. I shall now mention in detail, the stages of my recovery from the FALL.

Betting over the tamed horse:

After the first term result, the majority had known about my FALL. People knew my results and at times it would become a good point to discuss and mock at me. After a point of time I had been hearing such things so often that I had become indifferent to the situation. I had hardly been bothering then about my academic status. But, at the same time, there were people who made me realize that I wasn’t a empty jug then, still there was potential, and if I couldn’t rise completely, I could atleast get my situation better. I owe my academic restoration to all my teachers and friends who had provided continual encouragement to me to rise back and fight back.

I remember one very special incidence. It was…

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Making of a Host:

I had been quite a good orator till 10th. I had been very comfortable over the stage in front of huge crowd. Never had stage fear hampered me. But hosting the events in the school, I thought was not my cup of tea. But there was a twist to it. On 15th August 2008, we had a small function in the school on account of Independence day. Rebecca was supposed to host it. She was searching for a co-host, but I guess she couldn’t find one. She asked me if I could do it. I said I don’t mind but I don’t know how to host and stuff. I said if the script is prepared, I can speak well. She was like no, you gotta be spontaneous there and don’t worry I will be with you there and hence I agreed. At that instances, I never knew that would be one of the biggest turning point for the coming two years. I went in the school then, dressed up in a Host’s attire, Professional Shirt-Pants and tie. The event started and we begun to introduce the performances one by one. Rebecca in the midst of the event had some work to address so I was given an opportunity to do majority of the work, and I did. The whole program went on smoothly. And after it, I was flooded with compliments and appreciation from everybody. I don’t know what extraordinary thing I had done that day, that people liked me hosting the events. I still remember, after the function that day, I was standing with Becky and Ma’am when Kalpana teacher called me. She was standing with a group of girls, probably our seniors who had asked her to call me up to them. She was like, “Anish good job. See, these girls want to tell you something.” I had got an eye of the situation and yes I was expecting compliments from them. And yes, those girls were like, “ You know what you did a fantastic job. For the first time…….

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Birth of a Webmaster:

Many people over RTW and outside ask me, “Anish how did you become a Webmaster?” I reply, “I didn’t become a Webmaster, I was made a Webmaster”. Webmaster the term is self-explanatory, which says Webmaster is a person who has mastered the Web. But in Website Terminology it is not so. Webmaster is a person who makes the website. Planning for RTW’s Making had started since July 2008, and you all might have read the four part of RTW’s making, titled Birth of a Planet-Planet RTW. In 11th, specifically the first time, I was too much occupied with the website building part. The reason being, I had just played in shallow waters till then, and I was working with a BIG WEBSITE, a REAL WEBSITE, which was gonna be the Official Fansite of Rajat Tokas. I gave my Ten Thousand percent to that.

I was just a 16 year old kid then,……….

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Approaching the Magnum Opus in Writing:

As a school student I had always been fascinated by literature in whatever language it be- Gujarati, Hindi, English or Sanskrit. I have never considered languages as ancillary subjects. I have taken them as seriously as PCM, but I never knew this practice of mine had a big part to play in my future. I used to write essays in the exams fairly well. I used to help Priyanshi with her writings in the 10th. During this period, I had to raise the bar for my vocabulary and the quality of my writings, because I was writing for a girl studying in IGCSE board and the Gujarat board language and level would not work there. That is when I started my grooming as a writer.

Then somewhere in September 2008 in 11th standard……

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Finally the Dawn:

This is the concluding section of the blogpost. I mentioned 5 major attributes that contributed in building the new ME in ME. At the end of the 2 years i.e. the 12th Board, I had been transformed as a person. I no longer owed my identity and existence in people’s minds and heart to my 1st Rank. God had induced a lot of attributes in me to make people remember me over various occasions.

Not only did the FALL end up in reconstructing me, but it ended up in fetching me decent results in 12th Board. I had fared quite well compared to the 11th standard to live up to my parents’ expectations. I have been so thankful to God for showing me the FALL and the RISE so gently. I was in his safe hands during every hardship. Today I thank him each day for making me rise at the right time. It feels great to see my parents being happy seeing me studying in DDIT(the 5th Best Emerging University in India as per CSR). Had I not been able to fare well in 12th Board, I might have never been able to forgive myself for defying the expectations of my parents and teachers. I know they did expect a lot more than I fared, but compared to the circumstances I had been through, my result was pretty good. Had I not been lifted by God, I would have ended up scoring a 50-60% and studying in a not so good college. But praise be to the lord, who held me in his hand continually and bestowed his grace upon me at the right time.

I don’t regret at all for losing my 1st Rank, instead……….

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8 thoughts on “The Rise !!!”

    I THINK.. THAT.. IT SHOULD.. BE. HATKKE.. LIKE…..”…$$$…”
    BTW.. WELL .DONE……

    1. ! mark gives a positive notion about something, so kept that for the rise. Full stop(.) indicates something’s end or negative so I kept it for THE FALL. And your point taken Bhagu, $$$ pan raakhish ekaad post ma…

  2. Well, must say u brought a good one… though u posted so late. But its k what matters is we get to knw about u nicely and deeply even we are not here just to read the blogs.
    Very true said… har ek naya din ek nai subah …naya mod leti hai.. 😀
    U knw sumthing.. one shuldnt forget the ppl who were there in ur bad they are ur true frnds and im glad u dun. Its nyc!
    woah!! gr88 words he said… though a casual sentence.. sumtyms even smaller lines have deep meaning.
    Hmmm… yup! Ppl who knw the true us they knw our real capabilty and thats why they expect frm us.
    U reminded me of my teachers and parents words…
    if u din mind lemme share one of myn. One day while i was going for my ca coaching i happen to meet one of my classmate and during our conversation she asked me how much did u scored in 12th. I said straightly that not much just 70% and when i said those words her eyes got broaden. She spoke i wonder why sir said isha is one of ur good competitor, u shuld try to match her. I was left dumbstruck… Those words actually made me realise that how much my teachers expected from me. But then later when she asked me what am doing nw i could proudly say Im pursuin CA and reason coz it was my sir who guided me for this. Im glad i culd stand by his expectations to sum extent.
    Today i love when i call him and he says so miss ca whats going on. 😉

    Its sumtyms nyc to see that ppl trust u though u seemed to loose in the battle many a tyms. They knw u can do. And im glad anish u’ve got many. It was so sweet of u teachers to always encourage u and be there to help sumhow.

    Thats fascinating that u managed to host so nicely without any sort of preparations. U knw slowly slowly im getting to knw all ur secrets and by passing tym i m even becoming a fan of ur style and talent. U really deserve best of compliments. Im proud of u dear <3

    and as a webmaster i have always appreciated u..being myself a part of that site …i know how wonderful site it is.. There are many sites who are built up by teams yet they arent user friendly but with RTW its the most rocking site and easy to access.

    Who says u are an average u rock! Thats why we all love to read what u write.. coz the way u write is different and unique.. u express things very nicely that one can imagine it in fron ot our eyes. Must say marvelous!
    AND truly god knws whats best for u and thats why they make circumstances for us, which at initial stage seems problems but later we realize it was to mold us to sumthing gr8!
    Yup!! anyone can become a studious and Ist ranker but being creative in so many co-curricular activities is not everyone's cup of tea.

    I just pray that god always keep showing u the right path and be there always to help u walk thru those tough paths. U have been working hard since years and im sure one day u'll rock and one day u'll surely live in everyone's heart 😀

  3. Just too good, enjoyed reading how u came out of the fall, this is what we call as “All what happens is for our good”…many at times we don’t know what’s good for us, whats gonna benefit us more, but THE ONE “ALLAH” shows us the right path, the best path He has chosen for us, at start we think “Oh God whats this” but with time we realize that this was for our own betterment, and who knows better than God, Who has created us and watching us days and nights. So, keep ur faith strong in Allah and u will achieve the best.

  4. Just wonderful….very very nice…enjoyed reading it…..

    Its nice to know more about you….

    and as I said earlier that….Bhagwan aapni pase thi kai lai le che, to kai aape pan che….ane je kai pan thayi che ae apna sara mate j thatu hoy che….believe this….God is always with us…..

    and in everyone’s life the falls and the rises are there….Its the truth of our lives….but always believe in urself and believe in God….and by this we can face any kind of circumstances of life…..

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