The people who made IBT happen !

Hope you’ve read my 1st blog entry. This 2nd one is dedicated specially to thank for those great beings who made I Believe That possible. I Believe That- was my dream. Imagine an Eighteen Year old guy making a blog of his own- quite rare nahi?? But finally IBT is on the WWW.

Hello All,

Hope you’ve read my 1st blog entry. This 2nd one is dedicated specially to thank for those great beings who made I Believe That possible. I Believe That- was my dream. Imagine an Eighteen Year old guy making a blog of his own- quite rare nahi?? But finally IBT is on the WWW.

First thing that would come to anybody’s mind is-why would an eighteen year old guy need a Blog?  But, it wasn’t the case with my parents. 2 months ago, when I put my fancy of Blog in front on my parents, they confidently said a YES. No-one and nothing could have been greater than them and this.  They knew their child was a typical Web maniac and complying to his fancy was the only way to avoid a heated argument. Jokes apart. It was really generous of my parents to permit me to start a blog.

Things came to finance now. Permission was granted. But who would pay for the domain? But “Mere Paas Maa Hai….” Mumma generously agreed sponsoring the domain cost, and soon on July 15th 2010, came in existence. This was one of the biggest things that had ever happened to me. It’s just because of my parents unending,unconditional and generous support & encouragement that has always helped me to achieve several small and big heights in the acedemic as well as the Web fronts.

After the successful registration of domain and access to an Hosting account, the real picture became clear. With the onset of the blog, I would be responsible to one more website-that’s my Blog. And in the meantime when I build my blog, and with the menace of my college exams and assignments on who would look after RTW? But I was never worried about that. Because I had great friends in the name of RTW Development Team. They are really angels,Priti being the biggest of all. With Allina and Sarah like friends to look after RTW round the clock, no Webbie or Admin would need to worry.

Making a Blog was decided but how? I had absolutely no plan what to do, how to do. I knew that unplanned things always end up in complete pandemonium. How would the blog look like, what would be it contents, and all this thoughts together took the form of an enormous question mark. But, God has blessed me with great number of great friends. All my friends, be it Friends, College Friends or my Friends over the WWW, whenever I talked to them about the Blog, they always encouringly uttered just one thing, “Anish, whatever you do over the WWW, will be great and your blog is no exception.” I remember Monica telling me repeatedly,”Anish, blog is going to be something big, dont worry.” And I believe, these good wishes and encouragement of all my friends has been a vital factor in my blog coming into existence. And not only friends, blessings all my Elders, Teachers, relatives far or near from me have made IBT possible.

Thanking all of you for your wishes, blessings and encouragement…..

Regards and Love,
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10 thoughts on “The people who made IBT happen !”

  1. Aww!! thats really choo chweet of u to express ur gratitude towards all who have been a part of ur life and yaah no doubt u’ve got such understanding parents lucky guy…. and obvious they too have got a special son. Erm… ok a lil naughty and flirty kind of but that makes you more sweet lol.

    anwyays not gonna post such stuff here or u’ll bang on me (though u cant i knw =p )

    jokes apart it feels proud to read this blog and to say yaah it belongs to my frnd. And btw you are not less than a celebrity, actually more than a celebrity, coz evn they aren’t truly loved by all but you are lovable and indeed we love you alot. Anish you rock!

    Keep rocking and smiling forever. God bless you =D

  2. Ur blog will InshaAllah rock, my wishes r with u and thanks for ur gratitude shown towards us, pleasure is all mine,ur parents are very lucky to have a son like u and we are the luckiest to have u as a webmaster of RTW and a great friend.

  3. Totally agree with Isha… u are blessed, no doubt…ur parents too r blessed to have a son lyk u…
    U are indeed no less than a celebrity…U are indeed one…It wont be surprising if this one turns out to be the BEST on http://WWW….
    God bless 🙂

  4. Marvelous job! will like to read much about a talented person like u. so nice of ur parents for allowing u to do what u actually wanted to.

  5. aww anish thats so sweet of u.. believe its totally my pleasure.. I love and enjoy working for RTW.. meet and make friends as u its the real treasure… outstanding blog Anish.. i loved the design and everything in it.. will post another comment once I fully read all contents… I wish u all the very best

  6. I Believe That (IBT)…. all of us have some talents and wishes , but what is more important is that when you are sooo young , at initial stages of your life, that your parents understands your mind , wishes and recognizes what your talent is , and gives you that special push and support. Once you have that , no one in the world can stop you to reach where you want to reach.

    You are extremely lucky to have parents who thinks like you , knows who you are and believe in you. This is very important. I guess all parents wants good for their kids , but to believe in them and push them , and making an genuine effort to look in same direction , is where it counts the most.

    I have drawn a lot of inspiration from my Mama and Mami(u’r parents) today , with what they have brought up and definitely from you….for making things possible where you wanted it to…congratulations dude!!

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