Sands of time…….!!!!

The poem mite seem not extraordinary , the reason why I am posting this is that, the whole peom is composed in the full pack AMTS bus’ journey sitting in one corner and people staring at me as if I am their child’s murderer….In short I mean to say the words came flowing automatically seeing the stuffs and the ink of the pen embedded it on a page….Hope you all will like it.

Today , I see my world crumping down,
Early to rise and early to frown.
These stuffs fill up the brain’s godown;
Hoping myself safe and sound, with this world around.

The tresspassers pass disgracing my name;
Computers are obstacles to link my fame;
Daily I work and get the option “RENAME”
Yet the world says “Dear, its early to claim”.

The words I ponder , the lines I write;
Are of no longer to my parents a delight;
Being an engineer, my words fail logic of circuits,
Neither of my sister’s study of mesquits.

The nature is satisfied with the time;
But the day is shorter for me, so I go mime;
Yet, I pursue engineering being sublime,but one fine day:
“Though not my world, for sure i will be in rhyme.”

Prathmesh Madhu

Guest Author

I Believe That

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Author: Prathmesh Madhu

I am a student in L.D. college of engineering, studying electonics. Though, i have got into this technical course, i have a upper crush towards LITERATURE.

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