Birth of a Planet-Planet RTW!! Part 3

Now let me start narrating the 3rd Part of RTW’s birth. Last part ended with RTW’s Database System crashing the second time and my trip to Mumbai in 2008.

I started writing this blogpost before Diwali but left it midway due to my Mumbai Trip. Here I begin:

The Birth of a Planet-Planet RTW!!! Part 3

Hello Everybody,
Hope you all are having a great time in the festive season. It’s Diwali time and all might be happy meeting their friends, relatives, having sweets, preparing dishes, decorating the house. Its indeed the best part of the year. Before, I start boring you all with the 3rd Part of RTW’s making, let me take the opportunity to thank you all for such kind comments on the previous two parts of the same. One thing that I would humbly like to inform you all is that, the information which I share about RTW’s making is my perspective towards the event. But the kind of situations and ordeals I had faced when RTW crashed, the same situations and ordeals were faced and tackled successfully by RTW’s entire DEV TEAM. So like, if RTW is standing erect and successful in front of you all, its not just because of me but its because of entire RTW DEV TEAM.
Now let me start narrating the 3rd Part of RTW’s birth. Last part ended with RTW’s Database System crashing the second time and my trip to Mumbai in 2008. I had already reached Mumbai. There wasn’t much I could do from there to better the mess. I had limited computer and net access at Naana-naani’s place. Mamu had got a Dial Up connection, which wasnt much of help. The only thing I could do at that moment of time is prevent a bigger lot of people seeing RTW in this horrible mess by redirecting them to RTW’s homepage. I didn’t wasting anytime in useless pondering, I immediately changed the link to forum and redirected it to RTW’s homepage. To avoid confusions and speculations, I added a line over the homepage-“Forum is under maintenance. We will be back soon”. I was completely devastated. Rajat Tokas’ Official Fansite had crashed twice in just one week of its making. I as the webmaster held the responsibility to the issue. I had no answer no solution for anything.
Two days passed in such THINKING THINKING. Finally I came to the decision of making a Temporary Blog for Rajat over RTW. I wasted no time in executing it. I didn’t have much of Net Access in Mumbai, therefore I thought of passing the hat to somebody else. At the point of time, I couldn’t think of any person better than my friend Sukun to do the technical job. I guided him over the phone on the Hindu New Year evening, gave him the Cpanel details and told him to install b2Evolution(A Blogging Sytem). Call lasted for some 30 minutes, thanks to Mom-Dad who hammered me to go with more cell phone balance in Mumbai. Finally after much ado, the blog was installed over RTW. Installing the blog costed me Rs.100 of cell balance and a painstaking phone conversation to Sukun. The Next day morning, I checked if the blog was properly installed and yes it was. I sent a mail to Priti to customize the blog and make it ready for Rajat to post. I couldnt do much at the blog as I was supposed to go at Masi’s place. Whole day I was there chat-chittering with my cousin, met Priyanshi that evening for the first time at Barista. At night, I finalized the blog deal with Priti, she had made the whole blog ready, it was ready for launch and Rajat’s presence.
It was 30th October 2008 then, I took my time in checking over the URLs and setting of the blog. The next day 31st had something else destined for itself. I had decided I would finalize the blog with Rajat and launch it at night. That evening, I had gone to Vile Parle McDonalds(first McDonalds of my life, with which I am emotionally attached. I make a point to visit it, every time I visit Mumbai), met Priyanshi the second time there. While I was returning home with Parents and Sis, I got a call from Rajat. I remember I was walking past N.M. Mithibai College Road.. Rajat was like “Yaar, fans ko Diwali New Year wish karna hai, but forum chal nahi rahi yaar.” I replied”The forum is screwed up, DB has crashed and its not up. But not to worry, I have made a BLOG, just get yourself there start typing and I wil make sure it reaches your fans” He was like “BLOG?? Nahi yaar I dont write much. BLOG WOG nahi chaiye. Aur koi website de na”. I was pissed off. Man hi man mein I thought saala itna mehnat karke blog banaye par isko to chahiye nahi kya kare.
No sooner did this thought wrap up, my another website” Rocking Rajat”‘s name sparked in my mind. Rocking Rajat in those days, was the most organized and decently active after Rajatrocks Yahoo Group, All thanks to Priti for that.. At that instance, it was the best option where I could shift people and Rajat. I told rajat about it, and he was like “Haan, udhar jaata hu, idhar hi sabko wish kar lunga”. I was so relieved. I passed on the message to Priti and Wagma to request people shift over Rocking Rajat. They spread the word over the net and faithful users managed to shift there without much of quibble(really sweet R’ains). Rajat too suprisingly registered and posted over Rocking Rajat the same night. I was like WOW !!! What could be better than this in such a horrible situation. My heart beats normaled. I was relieved by the fact that things were atleast some better than before.
At that time, Rajat was offered a Stage Show. The Show Organizers needed RTW for promotion purposes. For that stuff, the organizers wanted to have a meeting with Me and Rajat togather. The meeting was scheduled on November 2,2008 at Inorbi Mall, Mumbai. I was happy of the fact that I was meeting rajat so soon again. I had just met him on Oct 2nd and again I was gonna meet him on November 2nd. We all met on 2nd November, show was planned. The show organizers considered RTW a vital medium for show promotion, and I knew they would want to visit RTW in RT’s and my presence. That is what I feared, but there escapism was no solution. One of the show organizers pulled his MacBook out of the laptop bag and started Mozilla. The moment he visited RTW, he clicked on Forum and he saw it crashed. He made a surpirsing gesture of question mark over the issue. I honestly said, its down now and it will be up in the coming days. Rajat supported and the organizers were convinced. Again a miracle!! We also discussed about Rajat’s posts on RTW about the show. And Rajat took out the matter which happened on the night of Launch Date Oct 19th. He was like “Malum hai yeh bhai sahab ne kya kiya. Ek to main site par gaya sabse milne. Shoutbox accha laga to udhar kud pada, par dusre din ko to yeh sahab ne ban kar dala. Bolo” All bursted out laughing. Not our fault, as he himself narrated it in a funny manner. The meeting ended in positive conclusion about RTW and the show. Rajat surprisingly left from the Mall in Auto rickshaw and people gazed at him in an AWW. Hehe. I know surprising, but this is how RT is- Simple and Down to Earth.
It was time to return from Mumbai, November 4th it was.The very next day I had a conference with Wagma and Priti to decide the plan of action ahead. Priti was like”Anish hume abhi koi jaldi nahi, sab yahin hai. Let’s not make a mockery of ourselves again. Let’s do something concrete, Bhale time lage, but accha kare”. I was convinced. We started researching over different Forum System of which SMF and PHPBB were shortlisted. I thought lets try a hand over both, whichever turns out to be better, shall be kept as final and other be trashed. Priti said why waste time and energy, lets try only one at a time. And hence, we decided to go with SMF. I started learning about SMF. Spent almost 18 hours a day researching and learning the SMF. The very next day 6th November, I installed and configured SMF. Wagma, Priti and I togather started making boards. I was more busy over the technical end, Templates, themes, Mods, Customization and etc. SMF was turning out well. Simple Yet Powerful. We hadn’t come to the decision for making it the final face of RTW, but somewhere in our hearts we knew that it was good. It took us like 5 days to make it RTW from just a SMF venture.Hash ! Over
I end the third part of Birth of a Planet-Planet RTW here. Now the suspense is final RTW has come into existence, but how and when it was launched? This is the most exciting part of the whole making process. Something happened that you would have not that in your dream even. The mystery reveals in the next and last part of Birth of a Planet-Planet RTW Part 4.. Apologies for such a lengthy blogpost. Till then Sayonaara

Love & Regards,

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7 thoughts on “Birth of a Planet-Planet RTW!! Part 3”

  1. I am the evidence of rtw from the very first day. I know how many times it crashed and ur hard work to get it normal. Again thanks to trio – Ani,Priti and Wagma for giving us that wonderful world.

  2. haha … lol good one.. yo RT is getting hotter by the day i remember how Ritika and u would argue over him whether he was hot or not n id sit by with my head in my hands thinking “i’m with Ritika on this one”. no offence Rajat just in case u read these blogs n stuff, u were cute then too.

  3. Waited long specially for this blog post…yet to wait for another part…just loved all the parts of the Birth of Planet-Planet RTW, got more to know, and will like to know more about it…yes I remember how we were directed to Rocking Rajat, had gud time there too…after all the hurdles u, Priti and Wagma gave us our beautiful 2nd home…wholeheartedly thanks to u all…RTW will always rock InshaAllah

  4. Sigh!!! Truly i actually felt a relief when i read that somehow u managed to call ur frnd and prepare a blog. But lol! Our rajat is too lazy to write too long.. nvm! Im glad u could make him write on other site.
    Awwwww!! @ u met rajat again. I can feel how nyc it would be to meet him so early again. Well, at once when i read the show organizers were going to check the rtw which is not working atm, i was like OMG ab kya hoga. Thank god things went fyn and lol again @ how cutely rajat expressed how u banned him. Its is his cuteness which makes him adorable and thats no doubt astonishing he wnt in auto rickshaw.. but thats how our rajat is no doubt! The best! and so loved by all…

    dun mind if i m talkng of him more in this blog,… actually u knw me, when its to talk about rajat i forgot everything else. Anyways where was i …yup!! Im still waiting to read what happened and how finally rtw came into permanent existence.
    Well, i dun knw much about this technical terms but yaah i had heard of it. I guess through ankur and ur talk 🙄
    Btw i rem that rtw was launched again around the show making and all… Not sure yet as that tym i didnt visited it regularly. It was twinkle dee who actually told my didi about rtw and my didi conveyed it to me.
    I remember i became an active member of rtw around 2months later of its launch.

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