What’s in the IBT Store for you?

A very basic question that shall strike your mind now, would be that what’s for me on I Believe That?
This blog post shall be an answer to such questions of yours..

Hello Everybody,
By now I assume that you might have already read my first two blog enteries pertaining to the motive of starting I Believe That and the amazing people due to whom IBT in in existence today. A very basic question that shall strike your mind now, would be that what’s for me on I Believe That?
My this blog post shall be an answer to such questions of yours.. No doubt that my blog says “I Believe That”, but its not gonna be just a I, ME and MYSELF venture. There is gonna be something for everybody..that shall connect you to I Believe That. And I assure, when you would be on the verge of leaving the IBT webpage, you would endup saying “YES, WE BELIEVE THAT”…..
Coming to the topic, Whats in the IBT store for you???

Family/Relatives: As we all are based in different cities, we hardly interact regularly. Meeting once in 2 years or so, doesn’t quench my thirst of meeting you all . I’m sure, my blog though virtual shall be a medium to stay in touch in a better way. Promise to write blog post about family and gatherings….

Friends: Its not important making 1000 friends, but important to BE A FRIEND to 1000s. Friends serve as Oxygen to me. We have had some amazing memories in different phases of 18 years of life. Cherishing those mesmerizing memories would be really a big ode to this conjenial and immortal bond of ours. Promise to pen down(here:type down) all those amazing experiences we have had together(Be it school, tution classes or just gathering). Would love to make the memories immortal through this small blog of mine. I am sure while you read the blog post, you would feel like reliving those memories once again.

College Pals: College life is the present, though less pleasant than school but an equal reality. Though new, but pals are pals. Would share some college experience over the blog. Its always fun reading hillarious things again and again…. Therefore, padhna. BLOG padhne mein TAX Nahi lagta kya!!!

Amazing R’ians of (RTW): I’m sure lots of R’ians(an synonym for Rajat Tokas fans) might be reading the blog at the moment. RTW, a cluster of static dynamic pages is almost like a second home to lot many people over RTW. Though a virtual medium, it has bonded people in real time. RTW’s making and functioning contains so many untold stories. There can be a big book written over RTW’s making and functioning. I dont find it appropriate sharing those behind the curtains talks over RTW, as it’s Rajat’s World. But yes would love to share the facts that RTW has gone through. RTW is completing two successful years on this 19th October. In the Anniversary Carnival i.e from 19th Oct to 12th Nov, will be sharing 1 article each day about how actually RTW came in existence, and what happened after it existed. If you’re on RTW, it would be really enticing for you to read those occurances. So, am sure IBT will be as interesting for R’ians as to anybody else.

Rest of the World: Dont know me?? Koi Gal Nahi Yaar… IBT Padho jaan jaaoge. I have my articles which I write in the newspaper “The School Post”. Will be sharing those on IBT. Hope you would like reading those. And ofcourse, i love blabbering on Current Affairs. To Kuch bakwaas us pe bhi karunga. Exciting Bakwaas you see.

Sayonaara till the next Blog Entry….

Love and Regards,

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4 thoughts on “What’s in the IBT Store for you?”

  1. It will be nice knowing about u, and much more about RTW, anxiously waiting to read the articles about RTW. Thanks for being a grt webmaster, my prayers r with u.

  2. Yo yo as i said i love reading blogs and specially wen it comes to my frnds. If talk about posting and adding comment for that i’m like always ready to express what i felt.
    Well! True said anish, blogs as i always took is not just sharing but evn for expressing ourselves in the deepest way and i’m glad u are even inviting all of us to equally participate in this but beware haan kyunki u knw…I am a BIG chatterbox. When i mean big so i mean it and if i started writing down my journey of life with u then i could even write up a story lol!!

    Anyhow for now i’ll just say that its always been gr8 talking to u.I have nver met u but yet i nver found we are far away. No doubt you are busy nwdays in college life but yet u sumhow manage to contact in a week or day. U nver let me remain sad wenever i talk to u and thats the best part of u that i like.
    Once u asked me that arent we good frnds… So, today i can say yup we are dear. Coz for me you are a kind of frnd with whom i can share any kind of feeling and express anything. You have been more than a frnd to me in such a short period of tym.
    Must say love u yaar!! I’m proud to get a frnd like u.

    Hmmm… there is much to say but i’ll pen down them may be sumtym later.
    Anyways keep posting and rocking. Yaah!! next tym post a bit longer blog, as i love reading longggg blogs 😉

    Tk care!

  3. This is really so nice….very interesting…..its nice to know about you more…..and to know about RTW too….

    Waiting to know more….keep posting……

    Thanks Anish for everything….All the best….

    God bless you always…..

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