Firstly, thanks a ton for being so generous in visiting my blog, reading the blog entries and commenting. By this blog post, I shall start the actual blogging. This blog entry is an article written by me which has been published in The School Post.

Hello Everybody,
Firstly, thanks a ton for being so generous in visiting my blog, reading the blog entries and commenting. By this blog post, I shall start the actual blogging. This blog entry is an article written by me which has been published in The School Post.

This, I believe was the first article in the Teen Post section which recently took off in The School post. I wrote this somewhere in December or January. When the majority in the 12th STD world was busy mugging up Gujarat Board text book, I thought lets do something HAT KE. And writing an article was the unusual fancy that struck my mind. Article, ok but Subject?? But god has an answer for everything. He immediately sent Mumma shouting “Bantu, Computer Bandh Kare ke” And Bingo, here was my subject. Everyone at home, was fed up of my addiction to computer. But I shared a very unusual relationship with this dumb object. So I thought to hand hammer the keyboard and write something about it. So here it is.. Titled Obsession..

Some call it dedicated, others call it psychotic. I prefer to think of it as life. Natural and selfish impulses compel me to sit at least an hour each day on the computer, surfing the uncomputable Internet world.

The days spent explaining why and arguing that sitting on the computer, surfing the net is completely a time waste. I don’t somehow agree to these cliché comments of people. Today almost 50% of world is governed by the internet. Taking the simplest example, I submit my articles to THE SCHOOL POST via email. Had internet not been there, you wouldn’t have been reading this article. Internet today is a second home for the people searching out friends on social networking sites abandoned by their pals in schools and surrounding. Internet today is a source to earn daily bread for a person who doesn’t find employment in this recession period and he earns a penny by marketing the products over the internet. Internet today is a source of promotion for films,products, brands, services etc.

Internet for me is sheer passion. Passion to develop new websites, new codes and flaunt it off on the Web and boast that Indian Teens too are in the race of No.1. Internet for me is a soothing shade. After hours of boring,monotonous lectures of Physics, Chemistry and Maths, an hour on the Internet charges me up to conquer the concepts in the books again.

My enthusiasm stems from three years of experience, through my programming and Web Development abilities have developed over a five-year period. Although still an infant in the realm of IT(Information Technology) World, a raw zest for the World Wide Web(WWW) has reeled me in. Everyday I visit hundreds of website simultaneously in an hour in order to track the performance of our(RTW TEAM and Mine) websites, in order to move a step ahead in the programming world, in order to learn something new, and with a hope of striking the right note for chasing success on the WWW.

I am pleased to say I have almost gracefully mastered the balance between schoolwork and Computer World. I plan to be a Very Successful Entrepreneur in the IT WORLD. Although a different type of satisfaction– making Web Sites, developing forums and simple codes provides me with a sense of fulfillment that only compares to finishing a grueling performance while thousands of eyes of Website Visitors across the globe are on me.

Passion is what this is all about. That is what life is all about. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t be writing this by the dim glow of a computer screen without a strenuous practice. Ironically, the two worlds I inhabit come together, as I write, with a small amount of desire to move on and a great deal of passion to continue doing what I do best of my ability(building webpages).
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5 thoughts on “Obsession”

  1. Highly impressed, reading ur this article…keep conquering the web world with ur abilities…Very well said if internet wudnt be there, how would we be able to know u.

  2. choo chweet of u to share ur school post and no doubt u always do things different frm others.. thats why i always say u are unique dear.
    Hey!! bantu?? nick name …cool!! =)

    well, this line is alwys common in my home.. my mom keep calling me for some oder wrk and everytym she call me she shouts “isha when are u going to shut down the comp lol!!”
    yea…nwdays i spend less tym onlyn than before coz of some reasons like packed up with my studies and health probs too.

    Btw nyc title OBSESSION and i totally agree with u on each n every word u wrote. Come on today’s world is stuck upon this so called word Internet. Here everything is possible. If u talk about my field thats CA.. evn in this field internet makes our wrk quite easier. U can file up ur returns quickly, do onlyn payment rather than standing in big queque of income tax departments. One can get the latest announcementand forms of Institute of Chartered accountants of india and what not?

    anyways rocking post yaar!!

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