How do I?

Hello everybody, hope rain is enchanting you by its gradual or gushing pour. It’s time for another poem on I Believe That. Again the situation stood same with me. It was the Network Analysis (a subject of Electronics) lectures and I was dead bored seeing the professor just copy down the stuff she had just prepared the previous day in her pamphlet. I didn’t ride a herd about the capacitor being charged, the circuit being completed and the equation of current/voltage forming.  And above all the professor made an unusual statement-“Ultimately, what happens @ all places is “DISCHARGE” “.(Hard to react publicly on this!)

Anyways, the weather outside was too appealing. And hence, I thought it was ideal time to try my hand once more at some balladry. This poem sums up three things- A little academics(which was going on in the class then), a little nature and weather(which I was just enjoying to the fullest) and a little love of which I was reminded by the former two.

The first stanza begins describing the scenario in the class. Had the Maths lecture previously. Equations, Linearity, Differential and what not.. The sun was shining faintly outside, but somewhere in my heart I wanted the clouds to pour that day. For the world outside it was faintly sunny, but for the world within me it was cloudy. I felt as if my brain and heart had interchanged their places. Brain which was supposed to calculate sums saw repeatedly a face flashing.. Felt as if it was not brain but heart in the skull and brain had been shifted to the left in the chest. And therefore the line in the poem “Tell me you flashing face, how do I make my brain beat?”

As I was in the lecture, my utmost concentration should have been at studies, but my heart somehow instigated me to compose this mediocre ballad. It said, don’t care about the nonsense going on on the green board. But brain said “Come on boy, you ought to study”. While this tug of war was on between the brain and heart, wind started blowing heavily outside. But I felt as if it was autumn outside and I imagined the red/maroon leaves outside the class in the corridor. My eyes weren’t seeing the correct things. My eyes desperately wanted another pair of eyes to see it all for me.  For sun, it saw clouds, for wind it saw fall, and so the  line “Tell me you enchanting eyes, how do I see it all correct?”

In the last stanza, I remember the professor was talking of marks like this can be asked in exam, you can score and stuff. But my heart inside argued, “Why you need a mark on a paper sheet, when you have a name already marked on me” and so the line “The pumping agency on the left says I don’t care, on me I’ve someone’s name already carved.” Lastly, it had actually got dark outside. I could hear the clouds collide and I was anticipating rain. I saw an umbrella on the diagonally opposite bench. I felt as if it was telling me “I would love to have two people under me”. But then, I realized in realtime, I just could be all alone under its shade and therefore the line”Tell me you mesmerizing smile, how do I tell my umbrella I am alone under its shade?”

This poem is a combo of three things- 1. Atmosphere in the Class 2. Atmosphere outside the class 3.The person whose face I see , whose presence I feel.

Check out the poem. Here you go:


How Do I

Amidst letters in the black printed white world,

Amidst equalities & linearity in the sums hurled,

Sun is yellow out yet for the heart its rain,

Its brain in the heart and heart in the brain,

Tell me you flashing face, how do I make my brain beat?


Heart says care not if the equation remains unsolved,

Brain retaliates this beating pump will leave you mauled.

Outside the nerdy boundaries is the dust swirling,

To me it seems it’s the autumn in which are the love leaves shedding.

Tell me you enchanting eyes, how do I see it all correct?


The spectacled face on the platform scares of being a bad marked,

The pumping agency on the left says I don’t care, on me I’ve someone’s name already carved.

Now finally the clouds have united to pour,

My umbrella in the case wants person one more.

Tell me you mesmerizing smile, how do I tell my umbrella I am alone under its shade?


Have tried writing the poem as a poet and not as “Anish”, so some people might actually be shocked to see me writing SUCH things. But yes, I have a romantic side too. And no useless speculations please.. Loved it?? Then please comment.

#This poem is also published on Teen Ink(A Teen magazine) Online. Please view it here and rate it if you’ve liked it:

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6 thoughts on “How do I?”

  1. & the pic u have chosen for this… it lyk gives a clear picture k “haan anish aise hi baithke poem likh raha hoga..” 🙂 😀 😛

  2. Simply wow!! Too damn impressive and mind blowing…
    I could never imagine you could be so romantic also. As i started reading i was actually enjoying and couldnt stop myself smiling imagining your cute fight going between heart and brain 🙂

    And ya no one can dare to say you are not a poet coz you rock in poetry… awesome! No match, the way you linked your class, the nature and the feelings 😉

    Well, would just say keep rocking buddy 😀

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