Birth of a Planet- Planet RTW !! Part 2

By now, I expect everybody reading this blogpost might have already read the blog post- Birth of a Planet- Planet RTW !!!. This is the second part of RTW’s Making Journey. There will be three to fours parts in total, of which this is the 2nd one. This one is pretty big, but I assure all people on RTW would love to read this one.

Hello Everybody,
By now, I expect everybody reading this blogpost might have already read the blog post- Birth of a Planet- Planet RTW !!!. This is the second part of RTW’s Making Journey. There will be three to fours parts in total pertaining to RTW’s Making, of which this is the 2nd one. This one is pretty big, but I assure all people on RTW would love to read this one.
Ok folks, so in the last blogpost I stopped at- RTW’s grand launch on 19th October 2008 12.48pm IST… The whole day went great on RTW. Everybody visiting the website, was so excited… specially all DEV TEAM Members. I remember Priti and Wagma there in Canada were awake like till 3-4am in the night as per Canadian Time. People kept on coming. Like we had around some 125-150 members till night 11.00pm.
Everything was going great, till a person with username “rajat” registered on RTW. A person with username registered on RTW on 19th October 11.00pm IST. Not only this, he began talking to people at the shoutbox in the forum. I remember, that person was talking about 30mins to everybody @ shoutbox. I was unaware of this suspicious happening. Next day, some viewbiess informed me about this. I thought the person was a sure fake as I had no inputs from Rajat regarding his registration on RTW. So thoughtlessly, I banned him. Not only banned, but even deleted his ID.. The next day i.e. 20th October I called up Rajat in the morning, asking him as to when will he register on RTW. To my extreme surprise, it was Rajat himself who had registered with username “rajat” on RTW. I was left in “AWE”. He was like “Raat ko shoots khatam ho gaye the, I knew RTW is launching today, so I thought why not to visit. When I visited, i felt like talking to fans, so I jumped in the shoutbox and I liked it. But today morning, when I tried to sign in, Malum nahi kyun, red lines mein aa raha tha ki you’re banned.” He spoke these lines so easily and calmly, but my state was disastrous. I was like what the hell did I do, I banned Rajat himself from his own world!!! I narrated him this whole case, and he was like”Koi baat nahi, naya ID bana deta hu.” So then, he made a new ID and things were back to normal.
As the days passed, more and more people joined RTW. The siggies, the videos, the discussions, everything was in full swing. People were enjoying themselves at the PRIMITIVE RTW… But then, the BLACK DAY arrived. It was 23rd October 11.55pm IST, when most of the R’ians in India were asleep, a disastrous thing happened at RTW. Wagma, Priti and others from different Time Zones were on RTW, but then they noticed an unusual thing. They could access anything on RTW. They could just see the regular RTW Forum Page, with the banner, Tabs but nothing more than Database Tables on the remaining page. It was indicating a Database crash. Next day morning, I sat in front of my machinic wife-Computer and I got this horrible news. I was shattered and left in utter disgust. I was desparate to see back the forum page, inspite of my thousands of nominal, simple, unmature attempts I couldn’t restore the forum. I had the backups of each day since the forum started. But even, the backups betrayed. I had such a horrible Web host then in the name of 2ip, zero in terms of Support, Service and Intillegence. I tried thousands of time to restore the database through phymyadmin but none succeeded. The thing was the host had restricted my database upload quota. When RTW’s database backup then was a huge 23.5 MB, the host had hardly set it to a few KBs. My all restore attempts where in vain. The host was too lazy to answer my support tickets. The registered members on the other hand, were in sixes and sevens as to what had happened to their newly opened heaven. I would not like to discuss in detail as to why the database crashed as it would include lot of technical terminilogies making the blogpost mundane. As infant as I was at that time, I had no option left with me, than to setup the whole forum again. Without much ado, I started building the whole RTW again. I knew, I was taking up a herculean task, but the enormousity of the subject couldn’t deter my passion for RTW and the zest to do something for Rajat Fans worldwide.
I ended my conference with RTW DEV TEAM at 10.30am on 24th october,2008. It was almost final that I was gonna build RTW right from the sratch. Priti and Wagma were still tensed thinking if this was really possible. I was even more tensed, cause it was Diwali vacation that time. That year, I was suppose to go to Mumbai at my Nana-Nani’s place. My rail tickets were booked dated 24th October,2008 10.45pm IST. The situation was very clear. I had hardly 12 hours in hand. In these 12 hours I had to do all the work that had done in the past two months. Remembering the Guru Mantra Gabriel Sir gave me “Whatever you pray and ask for, believe that you have received it and it will be yours. This is what God says in Mark 11 Verse 24 of Bible” I was like God, I want RTW built once again right now. With this basic understanding in mind, the work kick started. Within a few seconds, I downloaded IntegraMod. I opened 10 Mozilla Firefox windows simultaneously. One downloading IntegraMod, the 2nd one with Cpanel Open, the 3rd one with Database Tab open, the 4th one with Filemanager open, the 5th one with Database user accounts open, the 6th having a Linux guide to CHMOD permissions, the 7th with Intergramod themes, the 8th with yahoo mail, the 9th with the idiotic host’s website and the 10th one with gmail opening, through which I was seeking guidance from my elder cousin about the issue.
No sooner did Intergramod’s tar.gz extesioned file get downloaded on my PC, then I uploaded it over the server. Got it extracted, did the tedious task of CHMODing the required files and directories, and ran the setup. New database was made, user was alloted to it, tables prefixes set, this that done and in a span of just 1 hours, kitna?? 1 hour mein RTW was made once again. I applied the RTW’s trademark theme to it,RTW started appearing like before once again. All boards- Rajat Ka Darbar, Dharamveer Forum, Mugdha’s World, Members Ka Ashiyana, Video and Help all made once again. Mods configured, Safe Mode Disabled, Maitenance mode rolled back and in not more than 2 hours RTW WAS BACK !!!!! It was just due to sheer God Grace and People’s good wishes that made me slog for 2 hours so vigorously and tirelessly that it compensated all the work that I had done in the past 2 months. I restored Forum’s link on RTW’s Static Homepage, and YUPPIEE RTW started once again. People started registering once again. The heaven on which the devil had cast its black magic, had been removed from devil’s clutches and the divine atmosphere in Rajat’s World was restored. Though, RTW had lost all the data, it had previously, all registrations, posts and BLAH BLAH, people didn’t mind at all to get themselves registered once again and started posting as enthusiastically as before. I can never thank all R’ians for this kind gesture…
Seeing RTW in peace, I boarded the train to mumbai and had a peaceful sleep that night totally unaware of the fact that all efforts I had put in the whole day were absolutely in vain, the same disaster was to occur the next day again. The next day 25th October 2008 was Diwali. I reached Mumbai early morning 6.15am. Reached Andheri at Nana-Naani’s place met everbody, specially my lovely sis Mahika, and had a nap again. No sooner did I get up at 9.45am that day, then i saw Wagma’s 4 back to back missed calls on my cell. I thought, she might have been eager to wish me Happy Diwali, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. On calling up Wagma, I found that RTW’s database had crashed once again. My face instantly turned pale, all happiness of reaching mumbai washed off and I was left in dismay… I had no clue what I could do..In Mumbai, I had a comp at Naana-Naani’s place but with a Dial-Up connection on it. With almost neglible net access, there was hardly anything I could do…
What happened next then?? When & How did RTW get back ?? Answers to all these questions lies in the 3rd Part of—Birth of a Planet- Planet RTW !!!
Hope you were happy knowing the facts during RTW’s making. Feel free to comment on this one and extremely sorry to write such a long Blogpost. I am sure, some might have left reading HALF THE WAY. LOLZZ

Sayonaara till the next blog post.

Love & Regards,

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13 thoughts on “Birth of a Planet- Planet RTW !! Part 2”

  1. I did knew that the site crashed once, but twice didn’t knew that, it is really sad, after all the efforts kept in, it crashed and lost everything. But surely Rianz are going to stick together in happiness and sadness…
    And No, I read it all the way till end. there was no way i would leave reading halfway. Waiting for the next part

  2. I didnt left it in half the way!!!!! Itne interesting facts ko beech mein kaise chhod sakti hun? that was so sad dt it crashed twice!!!!
    cant wait for your next post!

    Aur haan that so sweet of you that you u writing such long posts!!!hume to sirf padhna hai!!!

  3. It was not long for me, I was wondering y it ended up, wanna read more…well for me the funniest part was when u deleted Rajat’s account…yepp I remember the way we were getting shocks again and again, but didn’t know what went at the back, thanks for sharing it and yes kamaal hai u opened 10 tabs at a time along with downloading and your PC didn’t get hanged, God really helped u, the time u mentioned 12 hrs people tu get dishearten and couldn’t make to do anything but you dealt with it and did it in 2hrs, mind-blowing!

  4. aneesh………..ek website banane me itna sab kuch hota hai????i didnt had any idea abt all this!!!!!rtw crashed two times……it must have been so disheartening i can understand……..but u talented trio never lost hope…..espicially u…….as u only had the knowledge of all the technicalities…………..!!!!
    oh hello………..commerce with COMPUTERS aise hi opt nahi ki thi maine………….i read it whole………wo baat alag hai ki hume sirf C language hi sikhai gai thi……!!!!
    as always i love the way u write………….and do mention the next time what was rajat’s reaction abt all this crashing of website……

    1. This is very less of website making. You need to know much more . The technical terms I mentioned here are the very basics. As I reveal the whole process of RTW’s making, you would discover more regarding the ordeals the makers have to go through

  5. Come on yaar! how can u expect us to leave reading UR BLOG halfway????

    There’s just no one lyk u, u knw… & u knw wht? I am jst so proud tht I have a friend lyk Anish Desai…well naa…I’m proud of the fact tht me and Anish are friends… 🙂

    and I do agree to Ekta….”hume toh sirf padhna hai” …aur aap jo bhi likhte ho, we do luv reading it… 🙂

  6. U R S O R R Y F O R L O N G B L O G P O S T ??????? n i became sad that it was so short!!! hehe i know it was long for u as you had to write it but it was small for me to read! jaise abhi to maza aana shuru hi hua tha ki kahani khatamm!!! 🙁 im eagerly waiting for next update

    i loved to read the first part when u banned rajat,n how hi sais “Malum nahi kyu red lines me aa raha tha ki u r banned!! hehehehe so funnnyyy n sweet on the part of rajat!how innocently he must have said those word to u !! i wish i was there to see all this with my eyes:( it sounds so exciting ans masti!! hehe
    hmm aapne kaafi mehnat ki tabhi rtw was back in 2 hours!! greatt work WEBMASTER ANISH ! N your computer wife ,,veyy funnyyyy hehehe u n rajat have similarity! rajats valentine is Leo N your wife is ur computer! you r ek kadam aage than rajat..

    hehe kaafi lamba comment ho gaya sorry if i bored u 😀

  7. Thanks for sharing your experiences…it gives an idea to how difficult time you have gone through…its so admiring that you succeeded in such situation, coped up with it and didn’t lose your hope…waiting eagerly for the remaining parts of Birth of RTW.

  8. Hi…and firstly I m very sorry for commenting very late….but woh actually I was so much busy in last few weeks…so thoda late ho gaya hai….aur ha maine pura padha hai…half nahi choda hai….kasie chod sakte hai….never….I always love to read ur posts…..

    and its so sad ki RTW do baar crashed ho gaya tha…well I knew about that….but in the end RTW is back and its bcos of all ur efforts and hardwork….grt job done by you…..

    and kya Anish….tumne Rajat ko hi banned kar diya tha…hehehe….I was laughing a lot while reading that part…..par isme tumhari bhi koi galti nahi thi…ab tumhe thodi hi pata tha ki woh Rajat hi hai…..

  9. Oh damn!! That was sumthing wich made me emotional and senti until the end….aww….how excited u made it all. And i cant even imagine how bad it would have seemed to see ur site not working just after the few days of innaugration. And than u made it sumhow and again that bad news… JESUS.

    to be honest i really cant comment on this, it left me dumbstruck.
    just that i dun knw how did u managed but i would have totally found myself broken up and cried whole night lol
    (this is what i do when i think nothing can help me lessen my sorrow)

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