Journey to konkan – a way to heaven.

After many days, just completing with the exams on 8th july, didn’t get much time to pen things down. During the exams, the plan for the vacation was decided. The dates were fixed and hence as they were just next to exams, couldn’t write. So, after the beautiful vacations , I wrote this regarding the place I went. I was not able to put it upon the blog , due to regularity of the college becoming an hurdle between me and my PC. So here it goes…..

Like vacations are planned for rest, people spend a lot to go to the north, trip to south, out of country. But, my trip was little different. I planned to go to KONKAN(ratnagiri district). Very few out here would be familiar with this place, but I bet, no one can describe it better than seen. So, I hereby will make an attempt to describe the heaven on EARTH for me, ‘KONKAN.’

Zig-Zag roads, grasses everywhere,the smell of the sand,the fog in the dawn and the mist in the dusk, the clouds tapering on the crown of the mountains, the waters on the rims of the forests’ roads, the trees engulfed with the showers of the rain, the leaves explaining the beauty of the weather, the bird though seen less, but beautiful sounds made by them, the distant houses seen, the curvy black, brown, red and green roads,the jack-fruit and the mangoes, river flowing gushingly, and above all the KONKANI language are the little indescribable things of this very beautiful spot.

Starting from the roads of Bombay, the rains along with us everywhere and anywhere, forcing us to keep umbrellas with us. The roads surrounded everywhere with the small and giant mountains. These brown mountains(I remember them as brown as I used to paint it in my sketchbook, also people also say them brown), were in disguise by the lush-green colour and sweet smell. Within those mountains, a person having sharp eyes finds the beautiful small and white seen waterfall which is very soothing to eyes and a never seen spot in ahmedabad,at any time. These waterfalls coming from the small boulders have immense beauty compared to the NIAGRA(Its different and comparison is purely hyperbole,its not intended to hurt anyone’s feeling regarding NIAGRA..:P).

The halts between the journey makes it more wonderful. The tea from sorts of places tastes wonderful. And this might be the day, when you have eaten the most and you might never admit it. The sorts of places, where halts were taken made me feel and think, “How beautifully the element of nature ‘water’ flows such smoothly and LIFE does not…?????????”…strange but true.

The journey towards the heaven, my heaven, “KONKAN” made ,me jot down these simple lines,

A walk towards the heaven
Along with ALOK and KANAN(two lovely cousins with whom I went there).
Makes me and nature together as one,
This very konkan can be described by NONE.

The red soil of my village,
Can’t be felt by all of my age.
Would love to be in this natural CAGE,
It’s beauty on the earth is the result of penance of some sage.

In this country of concrete forests;
One who gets to see this lush-green ones,
One thing available here is ZEST,
Life seems more beautiful with this experience.

Hereby, I will endup with the journey towards KONKAN. Hope u might have overviewed the route to the heaven.


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Author: Prathmesh Madhu

I am a student in L.D. college of engineering, studying electonics. Though, i have got into this technical course, i have a upper crush towards LITERATURE.

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  1. Sounds truly wonderful and natural.. One can predict from the way you expressed that if anyone wish to get peace of mind, so here it is in abundance. Purely fascinating. Loved it and would wish to visit it once. 😀

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