About Me

Heya! Currently an MBA student at NMIMS, Mumbai, Computer Engineer by degree, Web Developer by passion and Writer/Blogger by hobby, I Anish Desai welcome you to the small realm of my beliefs.

WWW has kept me entangled for 5 years now. I own a small Web Solutions start up – The Golden Bird. Apart from being a WordPress enthusiast, I’ve keen interest in Hybrid Mobile App Development frameworks like PhoneGap. My current fads include Node.js and D3.js . Apart from Tech, Advertising is one domain that interests me a lot!

When not coding, I am usually writing. I’ve been fortunate to play an instrumental role in starting D.D. University’s newspaper DDU Connect. I have also been a columnist for a monthly student newspaper The School Post during my school days. I also have a few of my articles and poems published  online on US’s Teen Magazine – Teen Ink.

I am a hardcore fan of TV Series like Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Suits and Arrow. The first thing I usually do after getting up in the morning when these series are being aired is downloading the episodes!

Politics (spectating) and current affairs form a small part of my otherwise less hobbies. Commentating on political and current affairs on Twitter keeps me busy when I am not busy. Follow me on Twitter @anishrap.

I would be glad to have your response