A statue of poise…!!!!!!!

This is more of a tribute than a blogpost to the great almighty,and a feeling to express for the great sportsman and a hero for my life. People say a hero has to be of your field,but I totally disagree with them. I believe only the work process differs rest all remains the same, he studies cricket and I study engineering,that’s only the difference. So this is just for the lovers,fans,rebels and the conformists of the great lord of cricket “tendlya”,they say in local language(and I love this word, it is basically Marathi and specially used in Bombay)…there it goes….

In the grounds, around the great crowd of Pakistan,a little man played his first test match debut with a beginner knock of just fifteen runs getting out on the delivery of waqar younis. In the same tour , this very small man failed to score a single run in ODI. Who ever knew at that time that this small figure during his whole journey of 2 decades was gonna shower the breaking of records…. Yes the talk is goin of the great little master blaster “SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR”…whose name is now among one of the legendary.

The firmness on the face,the sharpness in his eyes,the coolness of his mind,the respect to the almighty,the love for his nation is very clear from his proxemics. The very moment he enters the ground to the very moment he leaves the ground(whether out or not out),generally I have failed to see a smile on his face(excluding some gestures on the ground). This shows his faith and how much he is focused in his game. The moment he is on the crease,the whole picture of the entire field is clicked in his mind like a map. When the bowler balls his delivery,this little master’s eye is on the hands of the bowler and after the release on the ball. I was talking about this sharpness of his eyes. The determination and firmness on his face is clearly seen,I hav always failed too see a slightest edge of tension or pressure on his face,any damn situation he needs to bat, his face never tells wat this little mighty mind might be thinking,this is the reason why it is tough to get this little master out.

Expressions tell a lot about you on the field and you become the expected,let us say for example,
1. Why is virender sehwag always tested with short deliveries??????
2. Why is verbal cricket played more than real cricket with sreesanth and harbhajan???( I will also like to include Symonds,akhtar,….many more)

There can be many, but I feel I have made my point regarding this little master of being expressionless on the field………..

He never respects any of the bowler on the field once he has set his bat on fire.. The sportsman spirit and how better sportsman he is than a batsman is seen in every game of his. like here I have something to share with from my notifications. Any damn batsman hits a shot, he laughs go up to the half pitch talks with the bastman on the other side or looks at the bowler and gives a odd smile, while this little master after hitting the stroke, looks at the beauty of the shot, sees the ball, goes a bit ahead checks the pitch, his bat,and learns new stuffs from his own shots.

Regardless of what people think about his way of cricket,his speed of cricket,he has established his whole new type and world of cricket. Along with his own career he has built and rebuilt many others’ career too…I have 2 examples to share(HARBHAJAN SINGH AND YUVRAJ SINGH). The motivation being on non strike, is enough for the batsman on strike to play to his best. This impact does not come in a day or 2…..after every achievement of his, the first thing he does is raises his bat to the great LORD rather than to the pavilion. He bowls partly,he is great in his field, the LITTLE MASTER is always in the third man position….or on long on or in the slips,or at the cover OMG how much adjustable this guy is….while fielding also,he keeps on motivating bowlers and the fieldsmen…..the great master blaster plays a innings and india looses,this is the thing going on from many days, and I get a bit angry on people who say this,just see the guy playing for his team,he is not playin to prove himself or his batting,that he has already done years back,but when he plays,the team looses and again the little master is over burdened…yet the great man stands firm and keeps cool and again goes for the century in very next, this is how we define GOD, GIvinG 100% with out EXpecTAtioNS……
This statue of poise, is when on crease,people around the worlds’ hearts’ throbe to see him bat,the one balls he misses, every Indian misses their heartbeat. The technique, the posture,the greatness,the speech,the respect,the dedication,the attitude,the smile after the milestone,the struggle,the journey this man is passing through is more than a diamondpiece in any of a cricketers’ history. He is the man of merits, he is the guy of respect, he is the guy of honour,he is the guy of oomphyness,the rebels and the conformists, the great LORD of cricket is gonna complete his 100th ton and we are the ones who have to pray for him….

Let the almighty show his great colours,

Love ,

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Author: Prathmesh Madhu

I am a student in L.D. college of engineering, studying electonics. Though, i have got into this technical course, i have a upper crush towards LITERATURE.

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  1. Whatever said , whatever written on this incarnation of God in cricket shall be too petite to the scaling cricketing and humanitarian prowess he bears within himself.
    The world is talking him, so why not I Believe That? Thanks Prathmesh for hammering out an amazing blog post on GOD of Cricket Sir Sachin Tendulkar

    1. Sukun seems to have started reading blogs of bloody fuckers. The one mentioned in the link was the topper of F**K*R’s list…. Sukun better read some quality blogs like ours….

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