“IT” is my name and not “SOFTWARE”

. The designation “Software Engineer” is often used by the mass and is a disastrous misnomer for an “IT Engineer”. The difference between a “Software Engineer” and an “IT Engineer” is as off the mark as between a “MASON” (Gujarati: “Kadiyo”) and a “Civil Engineer”. Why and How are the two questions which an Engineer asks for every statement made. Being an Engineer I will answer both “WHY” and “HOW” for this topic of mine.

Hello everybody, a new blog post very soon. It’s the sweetness of mangoes that has induced this quick activity at the blog. Getting to the point, the title-“IT is my name and not SOFTWARE”, is a topic of sheer Engineer’s interest but it is posted for the awareness of all Non-Engineer mass who often cannot distinguish between two addressees of enormous difference in their meaning, namely- “An IT Engineer” and “A Software Engineer”. The designation “Software Engineer” is often used by the mass and is a disastrous misnomer for an “IT Engineer”. The difference between a “Software Engineer” and an “IT Engineer” is as off the mark as between a “MASON” (Gujarati: “Kadiyo”) and a “Civil Engineer”. Why and How are the two questions which an Engineer asks for every statement made. Being an Engineer I will answer both “WHY” and “HOW” for this topic of mine. Here I elaborate:

Firstly, I would like to emanate the topic by explaining who the IT Engineers are actually. This will serve my explanation for “HOW” as mentioned above. Let me first tell you who an IT Engineer is and what does his capability spectrum inculcate. You can comfortably call an IT Engineer a Semi-EC Engineer and a Semi-Computer Engineer. An IT Engineer can comfortably handle most of the Electronic circuit networks, CMOS circuits and devices, most of Digital Circuits and Devices (included Making, Operation as well as Trouble Shooting). An IT Engineer is also the one who extends his reign in the brainy MICROPROCESSOR World (The heart of any Embedded System). These were some capabilities which he derives from the area of Electronics. Now coming to Computers. An IT Engineer can very comfortably assemble a Computer. Not only computer, he can also assemble for you a customized computer system (matching your or client’s requirement not seen anywhere in the world). Coming to communication now. An IT Engineer’s reign also extends up to the Communication arena.  He holds knowledge in the field of Digital Signals, Digital Switching and Digital Data Transmission (A Subject of Electronics and Communication Engineering). He is also a master in Networking which lies in his own IT Engineering domain. These were some core Engineering efficiencies any “GOOD” IT Engineer possesses. The real picture is even larger. I won’t hesitate in mentioning a very tangible fact that a SOFTWARE engineer may not have any of the above mentioned skills.

Now let me tell you what Software skills an IT Engineer is expected to groom himself to. The fields and titles I will be mentioning now lie under the foot of every GOOD IT Engineer. He is the undisputable master in the fields I will mention now. A few very common things which an IT Engineer masters are: Java (Uh, a cake walk for an IT Engineer), ASP.NET (Ah, faltoo hai), DBMS (I can make another Oracle, says an IT Engineer), PHP (Naya hai to kya hai, merko aata hai). Neural Networks, Ruby on Rails, Shell, CGI, Python, AJAX, Web Designing, Software Testing, Debugging and Management, are a few petite things to cite what lie under the sole rule of an IT Engineer. Now, these subjects that are elementary for an IT Engineer to know, interestingly are the ONLY things a SOTWARE Engineer knows! A software engineer knows only the application of computer software and nothing else. He is not the maker but just an operator. And interestingly Software Engineering is a subject of IT Engineering taught in one of the 8 Semesters in our College. To make the picture more explicit, the thing which Software Engineer learns in his total N Semesters, IT Engineers learn in just ONE semesters of the 8 odd semesters of the Engineering curriculum.
You might also be astonished to know that there is no designation such as “SOFTWARE Engineer”. It’s the insensible mass and the profit hungry IT Companies who have got this insane designation of “Software Engineer” into existence. Now the Indian mass is so generous that it calls people who have secured their Bachelors or Masters in Computer Applications as SOFTWARE Engineers. Oh common people, you’re calling those people Engineers who can just play with Computer Applications and not create them. Engineer is a BIG word that people don’t get it right today. People call any Tom, Dick and Harry an Engineer today. As you cannot call a Civil Engineer as Mason in the same way it’s a bigger offence to term an IT Engineer as a SOFTWARE Engineer. The IT companies have been equal culprits in this fiasco. Companies recruit Bachelors or Masters in Computer Apps (BCA, MCA) as they don’t have to pay them as high as Engineers, train them for 6 months and then certify them as what people call “SOFTWARE Engineers”. Come on people how come Engineers? Have some shame at least. Engineer is a word which carries huge responsibility with it. You’re conferring the title of “Engineer” on such people who don’t have to do with even “E” of Engineering. Another thing which the leading IT titans do is that they hire Engineers from other fraternities like “Mechanical”, “Electrical” etc, train them for 6 months and certify them as “SOFTWARE Engineers”. Shameless Indian IT Corps! Then we Indians ponder why we can’t have IT masterpieces from India. Ofcourse you will never have them as long as the players of clutches and brakes play insanely on Computer Codes and TCP/IP.

It’s high time the Indian mass understands the difference between “Information Technology Engineering” and “Software Engineering”. Information Technology is a term with fathomless criteria and deals with all kinds of “Information”, its processing and application. Be it Digital, Electronic, Web, or just anything. Where as Software Engineering is restricted to just and just COMPUTER SOFTWARE. Software Engineering can be just called an iota of “IT Engineering”.

Lastly, the problem is the Indian layman doesn’t understand the term “Information Technology” and therefore he harps the clichéd word – “Software”. If the layman doesn’t understand, its time we make him understand. For the IT Engineers reading this, let’s shout, let’s bark and make people aware that IT and SOFTWARE are not the same. Let’s fight for our real identify. Let’s strive for the identity of our designation “IT Engineer” which we latch unto by great efforts. Don’t give up when you have to make the layman understand the difference between “IT” and “SOFTWARE”. When you have earned the degree with efforts make sure people pay equivalent reverence to it. Therefore, just one last line to conclude and I dedicate to my fellow IT Engineers. “Not Software, IT it is, and IT Engineer is my name”.

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9 thoughts on ““IT” is my name and not “SOFTWARE””

  1. Yay @ a new blog post that too very soon… and hey, same pinch for even i love eating mangoes.
    Lol.. at first when i read “is a topic of sheer engineer’s interest…” i was like isha it isn’t meant for you yet i proceeded further thinking kuch knowledge hi mil jayegi but cool for its non-engineer mass 😉
    Erm! Can u tell what do u mean by “mason” i din understood though i could make out what u wanted to say thru the line.
    Woah! Cool man… IT engineers possess so much, i never knew much just wondered they deal with IT field basically computers. Not this assembling and customisation.
    Lol! @ php, java, cgi, shell. Python, ajax, asp.net, etc. I m familiar to all these terms for i had them somewhat in my IT subject but i always wonder what the person who invented them must have thought of that he named them so. Yaar thoda toh cute naam rakhta. Okay! Jokes apart but all this stuff goes beyond my head but I’m sure its something quite imp in IT fields.
    Great line “Now, these subjects that are elementary for an IT Engineer to know, interestingly are the ONLY things a SOTWARE Engineer knows” Guys one should think thrice before opting software engineering for you going to gain only few percent knowledge in compare to IT engineers. Agar who market mein jyada percent mein aa gaye then you all would have to quit =p
    True yaar aj kal market just need easy and less paying employees so that they dun need to pay much to them and can get more work quickly… Now how the work is to be done is not their responsibilities. They do hire those less expecting salary class and then expect them to work until they compete such IT engineers. Shameless uh!
    Yes! One should actually make everyone aware of their real value. So, keep rocking for if you are IT engineers and dude be the mastermind not just beginners in your field by opting software engineering or such 6months diplomas.
    Btw I appreciate you for posting such blog… as for making anything possible you need to initiate it first… and you made it dear. I’m sure many of the readers must be thinking like any other common man, including me, for no one is aware of every field. It’s good to know the real difference between both the terms.

  2. ¡Exacto! I’d love to see the corpse of one of these dratted IT corps. LOL 😀
    PJ’s apart, IT’s true that ppl just don’t understand the difference, we gotta make them realize IT, as IT engineers.

  3. Really good yaar.
    I wud like to ask u dat are software guys the one who have a BCA or MCA??
    and also dat there tenure for course is also around 3 yeras almost same as ours( the 1st year can be excluded coz of the extraordinary subjects dat it includes).So for same time period

    “So we learn to make it and they to operate it..?”

    and one more thing dat php and asp are the techs dat IT engg. masters on his own no one teaches (as far Nirma is concerned it has none as a credit course)…

    And finally enjoyed reading it…

    1. ASP.NET is in Nirma’s curiculum in the 3rd Year. PHP yes, its not in curriculum, but you need to learn it if you want to remain in the industry.
      Software Engineers are those people, who just know programming and nothing else(You can included BCA, MCA people, plus those engineers from streams like Mech and Electrical, whom companies recruit, train and tag them as SOFTWARE ENGINEERS after some 6-8 months).
      Yes BCA is a 3 years course and so is MCA.

  4. very well said Anish….nice one…good to know about the differences…its very useful…for the people like us…who don’t know much about the difference between these 2 terms..its really useful….

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